A Wedding In the Middle of Nowhere

Hello, rebels! Yes, yes, we are quite sorry for going rogue once again for almost a month. Our team went to Europe and did a series of shoots so watch out for that! 
But we are back with an awesome feature today. And you would never  believe that this wedding is a real one if we didn't say it was. It looks like an editorial/concept shoot but it is indeed an actual, all-original rebellious wedding that's definitely one for the books.

So let's start! 

Rebellious Groom George shares: 

"..'twas one brilliant Sunday! the sun was up and the sky was bluish clear. Not a single trace of rain mocking what was up to unfold! There ain't no other plan, no back-up plan whatsoever... Just plain faith and prayers! Rebellious it was. As wedding photographers, my ex-girlfriend, now my wife, and I had been used to the usual routine of hotel preparation and dress-up and indoor reception with grand ceiling works. We wanted ours with a huge twist. Our blueprint laid out was an outdoor dress up and preparation with fun and laughter in the middle of the woods! The reception and merrymaking were set in a wide vast plains... No tents, no tepee, no shelter! Simply, no other elements that could sidetrack what could be seen from a bird's eye." 

 Armed with the most colorful, quirky, and fun props they could find, they turned their preps into a special photo shoot. And we love the idea of creating a concept for the preps with what you would normally do during engagement sessions. But it was not just the preps that the couple focused on. To complete the whole story, all the wedding details cohesively unfolded on their big day with so much thoughtful ideas. Proving just how amazing of a team George and Annabelle are together! 

Each and every aspect of this wedding had a personal rebellious touch. From Annabelle's doodled bridal shoes, to their free form calligraphy invitations, to the way the gown was presented, down to every last string light and table formation, this wedding was as creative and innovative as it can be.

And this is the kind of wedding that just makes us so inspired because it was not just conceptually awesome but the actual implementation was downright flawless. 

The end result of this rebellious couple's wedding is one that they can confidently call their own. A wedding that they can tell their grandchildren one day, that they were "crazy" enough to wed in the middle of nowhere with their hearts on their sleeves. 

Congratulations Annabelle and George! And may your marriage be as fantastically unique as your wedding. 

Planning: George C. Busico and Annabelle Labi-Busico​ of Geo | Anne Concepts​
Coordination and Management: Carlo Abaquita
Styling and Execution: Geofredo Lagria
Bridal Make-up: Ramil Solis 
Bridal Bouquet: Vatel Manila
Photography: Paopao Sanchez
Videography: Lester Renz Arreglado, Anthony Dela Torre and Sly Climaco
Aerial Video: Karlo Matuguinas
Bridal Gown: Manuel Tumaque
Bridal Shoes Artworks: Ancel Pasinabo
Groom's Suit: Manuel Tumaque
Boutonnieres: Vatel Manila
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Manuel Tumaque
Calligraphy: April Mae Valencia-Carrillo
Unlimited Coffee: Starbucks
Cake and Sweets: Thecakeboutique Bycarlbeth
Food Favors: Silver Spoon Hercules
Chairs: PinkFlora Flowers & Events Inc. Styro
Crafts: Erwin de Guzman
Wooden Camera Giveaways: Love Signs
Burlap Pouches, Runners and Banners: Recuerdos Online and Retail Shop
Wooden Hangers Artwork: Melafied Thumbmarked
Wedding Rings: Diamond Fire Manila
Lights and Sounds: Unique Wedding and Events
Event Host: Arthur James Aliazon
Bridal Car: Carlo Abaquita
Post-Nup Bridal Car:
 Vintage Cars: Michael Joseph Aurelio

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