Wedding Idea: Little Prince + Vintage French

If you are a bride who can multi-task wedding preps with work, if you are the kind of bride that gets excited to research every blog, every magazine, every wedding expo, and every wedding forum and take note of everything on your Pinterest board, good for you. But some brides don't have the time to do all of these things. 

And that's why it gives us great joy to conceptualize and create thoughtful "wedding bibles" for our Wedding Agency clients who are finding it hard to streamline the ideas for their dream wedding . They might not look much to some people but our wedding bibles are meticulously created to ensure that each slide leads to a carefully edited cohesive story. They are like vision boards of what our clients want for their big day--making it easier to articulate what they want (and what they don't want) to happen at the wedding. 

One of our favorite concepts that we created for one of our brides is this French vintage theme. She knew from the very beginning that she wanted a French vintage wedding but she wanted it to be unique. We were ultimately inspired by the French word "Je t'aime" (I Love You), The Little Prince, and delicious French breads when we created this for her. And we are sharing some of the boards from her wedding bible today to inspire everyone on how to to apply new ideas to an otherwise popular theme. 

Do you want to have your own wedding bible as well? Find out more about out Wedding Agency Service HERE.

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