Non-Mainstream Wedding Destination >> Portugal

With all the craziness that goes on in planning a wedding, sometimes you just can't help but wonder if it's better to just pack-up your bags and do the wedding somewhere else with a grand vacation in between. No? 

Here's a concept that we did inspired by that basic mindset that some couples these days would rather just travel as they celebrate their union in a place that moves and inspires them. In this case, we went for another non-mainstream destination to do just that. This time, in Portugal. 

Portugal is such a sexy, quirky, and exotic vacation spot that not a lot of people outside of Europe know about. But as you can see from these photos, it has so much to offer. Their beaches are out of this world! And it has various UNESCO World Heritage sites, quaint fishing villages, and a thriving hipster scene that makes it so unique in its own way.

We imagined a love story that started out with a quiet exchange of vows at the Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon (a UNESCO World Heritage site), followed by an uncomplicated lunch at Ramiro. The story further continues with a memorable yacht cruise around the Algarve area surrounded by the Benagil Caves. On a sidetone, there's one cave called "The Cathedral" (it's the photo inside a cove) which is a popular wedding ceremony spot for adventurers. How fabulous would it be to actually do your own wedding there?

For this feature, we envisioned a bride who was fearless enough to wear a jumpsuit gown because any bride who has the balls to opt for an elopement/travel kind of wedding would have the confidence to be in a gown that is as fuss-free as that.

Never be afraid to explore uncharted territories, rebels. The grand wedding isn't for everyone anymore. And you don't have to conform to that if that's not what you want.


Photography by @marxcyrus (IG)
Styling by Miss Kayce / Gown by Hannah Kong
Makeup by The Makeup of Mica
Travel Arrangements by @palgentravel (IG)

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