The Bride with the Ideas

Rebellious Bride Manel clearly had the most interesting wedding ideas. Most brides get caught up with a string of Pinterest-worthy details to the point of overdoing it. As a graphic artist herself, careful editing is nothing new to her and she made use of that discipline with ease. She wore a cropped-top wedding dress and paired it with boots. Her "something blue" was in the form of her nail polish. She made her flower girls' tutus by hand, DIY-ed all the bouquets--and then some. She proudly gushes that she could beat Martha Stewart at a DIY match and we believe her. 

Weddings are a great way to show your personality and your relationship's visual representation. Have fun and let go.

Congratulations to Neil and Nel! And may your marriage be filled with handmade love as in your wedding.


Photo by Circa Photography

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