Zandra Lim's Epoque Collection

 Let us start this feature by saying that designer Zandra Lim is shockingly generous with her Ready-to-Wed bridal line.

And we mean that in the most complimentary way. 

Last year, our whole team was privileged to adore Zandra's first RTW collection in person. We were able to touch and see each magnificent gown in all of its glory. And one thing was very clear in our minds--not only are these RTW gowns beautifully made, but they are incredibly priced so reasonably. 

And there lies the distinction. RTW bridal gowns have long been a debatable subject. Because they are either too gaudy and tacky or they are too expensive that you might as well just have one made. Zandra fulfills the void. Her gowns are crafted with so much love, the designs are unique, and the price is just right. It almost seems so too good to be true but it really is. 

Zandra's 2016 RTW Collection is no exception to her guiding principles. And we are excited to share them with you now. 

Zandra shares: The wedding gown could possibly be one of the most treasured items a bride will ever have. That alone could challenge immensely and inspire a designer like me at the same time. In creating this collection, I bore in mind that the designs will remain nostalgic yet romantic, timeless yet modern. The gown needs to encapsulate the bride’s dreams and have the power to swoon the her over.

Zandra shares: The Belle Epoque or the “beautiful era” transformed fashion in those times. It created a flowing silhouette and thrown away corsetry. The modern design gives you light beading, delicate and clean embellishment, graceful off-shoulder sleeves, and a flowing silhouette true to its fashion inspiration.

We definitely love the effect of this gown's sleeves and the unique patterns that the beading creates. This gown is priced at P50,000 (roughly around $1,000-$1,200).

 Zandra shares: The spirit of Edwardian style remains in this romantically soft, lacy, feminine look. The understated silhouette play homage to the age of elegance. 

We are in awe of the intricate details of this gown! It's so picture-prefect from every angle! Head to toe, front and it's just on point. And the tag price on this piece of artwork is amazing at P50,000 (roughly around $1,000-$1,200).

Zandra shares: The Baroque period was rich in architecture and complexity of patterns. The modern twist gives you the right amount of drama, patterns, and elegant back.

This  gown is easily one of our favorites. It has a spunky and edgy side to it but it still looks very chic and sophisticated all at the same time. And's another gown that is surprisingly unique and flawless and priced so reasonably at P50,000 (roughly around $1,000-$1,200).

Zandra shares: This Marie Antoinette piece is without a doubt very regal befitting a princess bride who’s looking into exquisite and yet gloriously feminine details. 

This gown is just oh so romantic in every single way. This is perfect for brides who are looking for that grand effect. The price for this gown is at P70,000 (roughly around $1,400 - $1,600)

Zandra shares: A style of the aristocracy, this Rococo-inspired gown stirred in texture, exquisite lace which are adorned with dripping florals and twinkling crystals in a spectrum of antique champagnes. 

This gown is exquisitely chic with such a dramatic flair! The price for this gown is at P70,000 (roughly around $1,400 - $1,600)

Zandra shares: The opulence of Tudor is evident in this piece, intricately embroidered and beaded yet with elegance and grace. 

A non-white gown is everything we want in a gown..and it doesn't hurt that it's so drop dead gorgeous too. Perfect for the modern bride who's brave enough to make a statement. The price for this gown is at P80,000 (roughly around $1,600 - $1,800).

We are sure that we can all agree that this collection is a cut above the rest. Each gown was clearly lovingly made with so much thought into it. The way that they were made, the way that they have been presented into this shoot, and the way that they were priced are all a reflection of the kind of designer Zandra Lim is. She wants the best for you and she has your best interest at heart.

Congratulations Zandra for another flawless collection!

Photos: Jayson and Joanne Arquiza
Bouquets: Dave Sandoval & Vatel Manila
Location: Manila Hotel Champagne Room
Makeup by Angie Cruz / Hair by Ogie Rayel

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