Proof that Philippine Engagement Sessions are Uber Creative

 There are engagement sessions, and then there's Philippine-made engagement sessions.

You only need to Google "engagement photos" to see what  conventional engagement photos look like. Basically you'll get prom-like lovey dovey, cheesy photos that are set in gardens and other natural scenery. Worse, some photos are not even of good quality. And while there's completely nothing wrong with those types of engagement photos, you really have to hand it to Philippine wedding artists (and couples) for daring to push the envelope.  Because if you haven't known this already, Philippine-made engagement photos/concepts are outstandingly innovative, compelling, and can even be unnerving at times.

 Over the past six years, we've seen how engagement photos have evolved. And we understand why most Filipinos not only would want to have an engagement session, but would be compelled to make it big, bold, and beautiful. On the part of the couples, the allure of a crazy prenup might stem from the fact that Philippine Weddings are traditional, strict, and conventional--oftentimes dictated by parents.  And so an outrageous engagement session gives the couples a chance to kind of have fun and show their rebellious side. It balances things out, so to speak. On the other side of the spectrum, wedding artists like to do these creative sessions because it helps them to build a relationship with their couples before the wedding and at the same time, it keeps their creative juices running full as it can often get drained by the weekly repetitive grind of covering church weddings. 

Here we have 20 engagement sessions that show you just how "Out of this World" engagement shoot concepts in the Philippines can get.  Sometimes the ideas come from the couples themselves to reflect their personalities or to reflect their love story. And on the other times the e-session ideas are proposed by the wedding team themselves to fulfill a creative fantasy project. Seriously 20 examples are not even enough! And just a disclaimer, this is not a contest or a ranking of the top e-sessions out there. Instead, this is a collective appreciation of how  Philippine wedding artists and couples have creatively grown through the years. So here they are. Which one is your favorite? 

(Note: Full Credits are shown at the bottom)


1. Photo by MangoRed, Styling by RabbitHole Creatives

2. Sigrid & Stephen -  Photo by Paul Vincent, Styling by Ryuji Shiomitsu & Kathy Amurao-Herrera, Makeup by Paolo Maranan, Hair by  Jaime Sy

3. Mark & RK - Photo by Cherryblocks

4. KC & Jmie - Photo by We Do It For Love,
HHMUA by Martin Alonzo, Wardrobe by Ms.Regine Tolentino 
5. Melai & Jason - Photo by Ryan Ortega, Styling by Teamba Designs
  Makeup by Diane Lorenzana, Hair by Mycke Arcano,
Wardrobe Styling by Argie Salango
6. Gab & Tricia - Photo by MangoRed

7. Alden & Arlene - Photo by Chestknots, Styling by Lifestyle by Feliz, Makeup by Gery Penaso, Hair by Renz Pangilinan
8. Anthony & Glenn - Photo and Creatives by Metrophoto
9. Photo by Cherryblocks, Styling by Tippingpoint Collective
10. Photo by MangoRed, Styling by RabbitHole Creatives
11. Vida & Arra - Photo by Metrophoto, Makeup by Jo Ticzon
Hair by Don Donato, Styling by Cy Bree 
12. Marc & Mica - Photo by MangoRed, Styling and Makeup by The Makeup of Mica

13. Photo by Lito Sy, Styling by Lifestyle by Feliz
14. Grace & Mark - Photo by Jason Angcao, HMUA by Fritz Mortel, Styling by  Aira Fran
15. Joyce & Rocky - Photo & Creatives by Metrophoto
16. Photo & Styling by Chestknots
17. Mayone & Francis - Photo by MangoRed
18. Kim & Bry - Photo by Benjie Tiongco, Styling by RabbitHole Creatives
19. Photo by Cherryblocks, Styling by RabbitHole Creatives 

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