Goth Elopement

Today, we are excited to share with you this thrilling collaboration editorial shoot, shot on location at Sedona, AZ. The team behind the shoot includes photographer Brittany Hogan, hair and makeup artist Katie Turner, decors by Weddings4Rebels (love that name!), and flowers by Butterfly Petals (full credits listed below). 

Set against one of the most iconic backdrops in the world, the shoot took place in Sedona. The red rocks, dramatic landscape, overgrown paths, and abandoned hiking trails created the most vivid of textures and moods that made the elopement even feel more out of this world. It definitely was the perfect setting for a unique Goth/Victorian themed Elopement that the team was going for. 

Real-life couple Sara and James really brought the concept to life with their palpable chemistry. Everything about this shoot was so cohesively done. The gown with that red detail peaking through from the black skirt just tied so well with the groom's accessories and even with the red rocks itself. We also thought the jewelry was incredibly selected and the layouts set against the cactus and the red rocks were wicked. The ceremony with the mantel/fireplace was romantic but edgy and so was the bouquet which had a feeling of being wild and free. The Goth concept has been made over and over again. And has its own stereotypes on what it could look like--partly scary and "emo". The team did a great job of keeping it classy but mixed-in with the right amount of darkness. 

Photography - Brittany Hogan Photography - on IG @bhoganphotos
Floral - Butterfly Petals - on IG @butterflypetals
Gown Designer - Kathleen Tinkler - on IG @kathleentinklerdesigner
Hair/Makeup Artist - Katie Turner -
Decor - Weddings4Rebels - on IG @weddings4rebels

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