The Rebel Bride Who Made Her Own Gown

 BS Clothing Technology graduate Aly, has always dreamt of making her own gown.

RB Aly shares:

"Ever since, I dreamt of doing my own white dress! But since my time is limited, I stuck to a simple design yet with my desired key features/elements - low back, slit, deep U neck and lace. Not to mention, comfort.
I got too busy with work so I really started with the construction 2 weeks before the wedding! Two sleepless weeks, and even in my dreams! Haha.
I finished with the lace applique the night before the wedding, whew!
Finally, I got my dream come true!
That day, I married my love and did what I love."

But apart from Aly's DIY gown, she also did her own make-up. She and her now hubby Paulo, also had their first wedding in Singapore -- which seemed more like a cool elopement wedding. Then they had another wedding with their family in Japan, shortly after. 

Paulo and Aly had such a personal and intimate wedding. And the DIY gown was lovely and suited the beautiful bride well. 

Though this sounds like an awesome plan, it is definitely rebellious and not for the faint of heart. 

Aly shares her tips in making your own gown:
"My only experience is when I was in UP (University of the Philippines). We had our personal collections. As regards to actual job experience, I only did as a merchandiser for a year, more on product development (of clothes) then I went to a different path, and now as an events coordinator overseas. So I missed working with fabrics for a decade! 

If you dream of making your own, keep yourself motivated! Read blogs, watch YouTube tutorials, browse through Pinterest/pins. I spent hours reviewing! Which, made me start late. 

Stick to your dream design! I changed my initial design because of lack of time. But somehow, I was fulfilled with the outcome. Warning: Browsing will make you change your mind often, but please stick to what you want because you won't finish anything with a fickle heart. 

Plan carefully towards your target date. Since I got my basics laid, I believed that I can meet the deadline. This was just 2 weeks! Haha, crammer. But if you are starting from scratch, give yourself 2-3 months (includes allowances) - 1 month to learn your personal patterns, a month for sewing/draping/finishing, and finally your own bridal dress! Sounds easy, but this is something you'll keep and stories you'll share, for the rest of your life! Haha. So do it well, rebellious bride! Aha. "

Congratulations Paulo and Aly! And we can't wait to see your second  wedding in Japan!

Credits as written by  Aly:

DIY gown documentation by my husband (fiancé that time) and together we're a photo tandem called March to Mars.

Civil wedding day photos by Super Panda Presents

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