Outdoor Indoor Engagement Sesh

Meet Yss and Mike. Self-confessed adventurers. They even got engaged during their hiking trip in Nepal. They wanted to incorporate travel and food into their engagement session but they knew all too well that expectations can be very different from reality. Especially since hiking and diving can get sweaty and messy. So here is their clever solution!

Rebellious Bride Yss shares:

Your blog was my inspiration from the very start of our wedding preps. I'm Yss and my fiance's name is Mike. We both love the outdoors and of course, food! In fact, we got engaged in Nepal last year during one of our hikes. So we've decided to make our hobbies as the theme of our prenup shoot. Mike and I both love the outdoors-- from swimming deep in the oceans to climbing up to the top of the mountains. But as we all know, it's hard to stay pretty and not a sweaty mess when you go for a dive or for a trek.

So for our pre-wedding shoot, we have decided to bring the outdoors indoors. We just brought with us our gears, usual outfits, some props, LCD projector and voila! We were in our favorite places (yes, including the kitchen!). It was simple yet such a fun way to recall our travel trips together.

Indeed, going on adventures is the secret tonic to creativity. And vice versa.

Such an ingenious idea! We love the fact that the concept was so simple, fuss-free, but still quite creative and the execution and final product---so well-made!

Photographer: Airballoonproject
MUA: Krystal Salvador
Invite: Mano Gonzales

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