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Dear Rebel Brides, we already know that the wedding is your day. Even grooms are often told by their own mothers to let the bride do what she pleases--"step away, let her have her way because it's her day". And although we somewhat agree, don't ever forget that you are hosting an event and you have guests that you need to take care of. And all guests ever want in a party is decent food, and awesome booze. But the thing is, we often neglect the booze. There's just too many elements to think about so the booze becomes an after-thought. 

And you may not "get it" because maybe you are not very particular about your drinks, but think of it this way:

Signature, customized cocktails/drinks are so fun to create for the wedding and it's a great way to provide a more memorable experience and be a gracious party host for your guests. It shows that you took the time and effort to entertain your guests in a more sensory and experiential way. Plus it's a clever way to incorporate your theme or color palette into the menu, instantly creating a more cohesive feel.

More often the not, you'll probably end up hiring one of those mobile bars so that you don't have to think of the drinks. But dears, this is such a terrible idea. And let us tell you why. First of all, mobile bars charge a fixed fee for an 'x' number of drinks that don't even get fully consumed for the entire night. And since there's a fixed fee, they will do all kinds of shenanigans to lower the cost to make one drink--this will include diluting the drinks with more water and shaved ice, and worse, adding way too much syrup and fake flavors instead of adding fresh ingredients. It's kind of gauche, actually.  For the same amount of budget, you could simply serve wine, beer, and one or two signature cocktails and source the ingredients for yourself.  Quality over quantity! You could even consult with a mixologist to create a fun cocktail just for your event.

We collaborated with mixologist and GM Guy Mann (Chaplin Israeli Cafe) to show to you guys just how cheeky and creative you can be for your cocktails/reception.

 The cocktail that we are featuring today is absolutely rebellious. Just look at the ingredients photographed below, it's so exotic and adventurous! More details are found down below so keep on reading.

 Originally named "Jerusalem Margarita," this cocktail is super unique because it is made with real gold dust and edible flowers like lilac and pansy. It is perfect for weddings with a vivid color palette or for chic garden themes. The margarita's taste is like a complex lemonade, with an interesting balance of sweet, sour, alcohol, with a slight after taste of aged tequila.

It's such an exciting cocktail! So much so that it makes us want to get married again! LOL. Can you imagine if you served a cocktail just like this on your wedding day? Your groom and your guests are going to thank you for it, and will probably keep talking about it for YEARS.

Do you want to taste this cocktail for yourself? Visit Chaplin Israeli Cafe at Century Mall, Makati City. For International readers who may be interested in consulting with mixologist Guy Mann, you may shoot us an email and we'll make it happen for you! Email:

UP NEXT: We have a coffee-based cocktail that we will also feature soon. So watch out for that! 


Photography by Cyrus Cruz (Instagram: @marxcyrus)
On Location at Chaplin Israeli Cafe, Century Mall, Makati City (Instagram: @chaplin_ph)
Special Thanks to Guy Mann

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