We've never really been the type to shy away from color.  Even if it's the slightest hint of nude that's just quietly peaking through,  it will always excite us more than just an all-white bridal gown. There's just something about it that feels raw, real, and effortlessly chic.

And this gorgeous Maliche gown that you can rent from Bottega Bellance is the perfect example of that colored, but quietly neutral bridal outfit that you can go for.

We shot this outfit in Hotel 1925, tucked away in Lipa. And its old-world feel somehow perfectly blended with this look. There was really no need to style it any further as the rich textures of both the hotel and the gown were enough to let everything come together.

Gown by Maliche via Bottega Bellance
The nude & ivory serpentine gown was originally purchased for P100,000 which you can now rent for only P25,000. It will also come with a veil, cord, and pillow. 

Makeup and modeling by The Makeup of Mica

On Location at Hotel 1925, Lipa City Batangas

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