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"I am a red girl in a sea of silvers. Rise, red as the dawn."
-- The Red Queen Series

Rebellious Bride Ruiza actually had a very clean and very white wedding. She says there's something about an all-white wedding that will allow any other color near it to shine, to have its own moment. The rubber flower backdrop was originally meant to be a photo wall for the reception. But midway into the intense 6-month DIY project, she realized that it could also serve a dual purpose by making it part of her bridal entrance.

She says that she decided to DIY her backdrop idea because when she inquired on how much it would cost to have one made for their wedding, she felt that the price was too high. It took them 6 months to make everything and she says the project was even more challenging because she used rubber to make the flowers (usually others just use paper). Since the material is rubber, it was extra harder to cut, curl, and glue. But the result was definitely beautiful and much more durable than paper!

Although DIY is always a great alternative, always keep in mind that it's never for the faint of heart. It takes time, patience, trial and error, and money to do it. Plus, you'll also be the one to take care of transporting it to the venue. As shared by Ruiza, they had to hire a truck to transport the backdrop TWICE. The first trip was from their house to the church, and then the second one was from the church to the reception venue. As Ruiza advises, in making a decision to go DIY,  you should know all your options first before making your final move because it requires commitment. But if you approach everything with a bit of positivity, the result will also be positive.

Did you have any amazing DIY projects from your own wedding? Share it with us!

Photo: Allen Licup Photography
Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Imbitado Events
Bride’s Makeup Artist: Joemel Reyes
Bride’s Hair Stylist: Mc Cenidoza
Bride’s Dress: Edward Teng Collections
Groom’s Attire: Paulo Lazaro
Ceremony Venue: Parish of Immaculate Heart of Mary Florist
 Church Stylist: Ryanjay Calderon
Reception Venue: Estelita’s Glass Dome
Accommodation: LeBlanc

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