Martini Macchiato

If you guys just "tuned-in," we just started a mini series featuring creative cocktails that you can serve on your wedding day (Back Track HERE). And for our second drink, we wanted to make one that's ideal for coffee lovers. So here goes!

Mixologist and GM, Guy Mann from Chaplin Israeli Cafe concocted this cozy cocktail. The unique twist that makes this cocktail so awesome is the fact that it is composed of three layers which you individually taste as you sip through your drink. The first layer is a light and spicy Americano, which then transitions to a "cinnamony" espresso, and finished off with a frothy mocha. And of course the whole drink comes together with the martini in the mix. The result is a coffee lovers dream and a drink that's absolutely perfect for cozy holiday wedding when the color palette is more warm and you want to feel cozy but festive. 

Do you want to taste this cocktail for yourself? Visit Chaplin Israeli Cafe at Century Mall, Makati City. For International readers who may be interested in consulting with mixologist Guy Mann, you may shoot us an email and we'll make it happen for you! Email:

UP NEXT: We have a Game of Thrones-inspired cocktail that we will also feature soon. So watch out for that! 


Photography by Cyrus Cruz (Instagram: @marxcyrus)
On Location at Chaplin Israeli Cafe, Century Mall, Makati City (Instagram: @chaplin_ph)
Special Thanks to Guy Mann

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