Keeping Your Wedding Simple

Why do we insist on making life so hard, when it can be so easy? More to the point, why do we stress about making our weddings as extravagant as can be, when they can be just as nice when they are completely simple? You see, not every wedding needs to have the grandeur of a royal wedding or the fanfare of a celebrity wedding. No, weddings can be simple and special; for advice on how to keep yours simple, make sure to read on.
 Keep the guest list down to a minimum

The size of the guest list doesn’t determine the success of a wedding, so keep it to a minimum. By doing so, and only inviting those that are closest to you, you will be able to make your wedding day feel like a family orientated get together rather than a big event.

When it comes to cutting down the guest list, remember that not every Tom, Dick and Harry needs to be invited. No, that one person you spent a couple of wild times with a few years back doesn’t need to be invited. No, not even that old school friend that you haven’t spoken to in donkey’s years need be invited, either. No, what you should do is pinpoint exactly who impacts your life and contributes to it, such as family members and close friends, and work from there. For advice on cutting down your wedding guest list, make sure to click here.
Choose a wedding venue that needs little adjustment made to it

More often than not, wedding venues — both the venue of the ceremony and the reception — take a lot of work to get ready. Whether it be the staff at the venue’s job to do so or the bride and groom themselves that ready the venue, more often than not a lot of work has to go into making the venue look beautiful. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this, but it doesn’t have to be this hard.

No, by opting for a venue that will need little to no adjustment to get ready for the big wedding event, such as outdoor area where the only adjustment needed is the placing of seats, the day can be made a whole lot easier and whole lot more simple. And, by going simple in this way, you will find your wedding automatically creates its own distinctive character and will thus live longer in the memory of your guests than most.
Keep the colours natural

When you keep the colours seen at your wedding neutral, from white wedding invitations to grey suits for the husband-to-be and his groomsmen, you keep it simple. And keeping it simple in this way will prove to be worthwhile, as being more extravagant with your colouring and decor choices will prove to be far costlier. What’s more, being simple in your colouring and styling will give your wedding that understated feel that instantly makes it a classic.

There is nothing wrong with going OTT and opting for anything but the ordinary when it comes to your wedding, if that is what you want to do. But, there is equally nothing wrong with opting for simpler, more understated styles either. For more advice on how to keep your wedding simple, make sure to check out this article.


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