Capture Every Detail: Make Sure Your Wedding Photos Are The Best They Can Be

Aside from the purchase of your home, your wedding is probably the second biggest investments you will make in your life. The dress, the cake, the venue, the food and the decorations don’t come cheap, and so it makes sense that you will want to capture as much as you can with photographs so you can look back and remember it in as much detail as possible. But what can you do to make your wedding pictures as good as they can be?

Consider The Venue
It makes sense that having your wedding at a place with stunning surroundings will make for the best wedding pictures. When you’re doing your research, consider places with scenic gardens, interesting architecture or other beautiful or interesting features which help you capture the prettiest pictures. Have a look at the rooms and make sure they match up with the style of wedding you’re going for- for example a very polished venue might not work as well with a rustic/ shabby chic themed wedding and vice versa. Bear in mind the colour of carpets, walls and other fixtures to make sure these will tie in with your own wedding colours and won’t distract from them or clash. Have a look on the website of the venue, and see some of the pictures from other weddings so you can get an idea of how it photographs. Of course, the photographer you use will make a big difference, but it can give you some idea. Things like fireworks can add a stunning touch to your wedding photos, if this is something you want to do then check that your venue allows it, and that it’s something your photographer is comfortable shooting.

Research Photographers

Different photographers will all have very different styles, and so it’s not just a case of picking the first one you find. Be sure to really do your research, check the portfolios of each potential choice and be sure to have a chat with them about what you want. Don’t forget to discuss availability too, unless you’re booking very far ahead then they might already be booked up on your date meaning you need to find someone else. If your wedding is being held away from where you live, be sure that you search photographers that cover this area or see if they will be prepared to travel. Whatever you do, don’t rush this decision or try to save money here, this person is responsible for capturing pictures of the most important day of your life so you want to be confident with your decision.

Chat To Your Photographer

Once you have narrowed down your choice of photographer, one thing you should do before the big day is to have a chat with them. Preferably in person, but a phone call or Skype chat could also work. While they will know the best pictures to take, if there’s anything specific that you want then you could mention it here. On the day, it’s also worth pointing out important guests such as close family so the photographer knows who they are. That way, you can ensure your wedding album contains more of the people you care about most, and less on people like plus ones!

Don’t Just Rely on Formal Photos

Formal photos are the stunning pictures that will make up your wedding album, be proudly posted on social media and be framed in your home which is why a good photographer is essential. However there are lots of other pictures that will make up your day- for example your guests photos will show another side to your wedding and also allow you to see things from their perspective.

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You could look into a service like Booth Boy photo booth hire and have some funny, light hearted pictures taken here. This also makes for some great guest entertainment. You can even have custom Snapchat filters made for your wedding which can be a fun way for your guests to capture your day.
Photos are so important, and when it’s a day like your wedding you want to be sure that you have plenty of them to look back on. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll capture the day in the best way possible and have the memories to look back on forever.

What steps did you take to ensure your wedding photos turned out the best they could possibly be? Is there anything you would do differently?

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