The Brunch & Church Wedding #Throwback

Photography by J Lucas Reyes unless labeled otherwise

June 4, 2011 - 10ish in the morning - Cafe 1771

My good friend Nins and I were looking at the fun scene that surrounded us. It was a couple of hours before my church wedding and there we were drinking wine, doing brunch, dressed to the nines a'la Gossip Girl, and having a shoot with Ian Cruz and J Lucas Reyes. I called myself a 'rebellious bride' and Nins said: "Why don't you and Mica make a blog out of that?". "Maybe," I replied. At that time Mica and I didn't think much of it. But then a couple of weeks after June 4, something happened and I told Mica we should go ahead and do it. 

Photos by Arnold Camacho
The church wedding that my mother wanted us to do, used to be a sensitive topic. My husband and I actually felt hurt knowing that my parents couldn't accept our Boracay wedding as a real wedding just because it wasn't in a church. We thought this was pretty absurd. The church wedding was actually my mom's wedding. I got frustrated at first but then I realized that I was not a child that can just be 'dealt with'. So instead of moping, I quickly turned this around and positivized it--I created a theme, and I was to have a brunch with my friends 5 hours before the wedding.

So in celebration of our brunch/church wedding's 2-year anniversary, I would like to formally blog about it here in RB, and share some of the rebellious ideas we did on that day.

The Brunch

"We get by with a little help from our friends"--they were our sources of happiness and positive vibes so we wanted to capture this moment in a video that we collaborated with Ian Cruz Films. After Ian shared this video, a lot of his couples asked him if it would be possible to do the same on their wedding day. While this is a great idea, keep in mind that we really prepped for the brunch. It means you'll also have to adjust your schedules to squeeze it in. 

The Portraits

When we first met w/ J Lucas Reyes and explained to him about the brunch, he shared with us a story of his Australian couple who wanted their loved ones to be individually photographed during their wedding because it was tradition. We loved this idea so we thought of doing the same for our friends. Souvenir gifts are fleeting---if you can actually share the limelight w/ your loved ones and have them photographed as well, this is a wonderful gift that would be treasured forever.

Sunshine, Tea Time, Hats, and Pearls

Catering by K by Cunanan

Like I said, the church wedding was essentially my parents' wedding. But I still made sure the overall styling would still come from me. So I gave my mom a theme to work with and I even gave her my pegs. In all fairness we agreed on this and she loved it. It was a June wedding and at that time I didn't even know that pearl is the gemstone of June. So in the end it all came together perfectly. 

Since the church wedding was technically my mom's wedding, I gave her boards to work with then she was the one who made it possible with her own coordinator, catering, and designer. 

So note to all of you who may be having misunderstandings with your parents--my friends laugh at me when I tell them this but I do powerpoint presentations for my parents whenever I need them to visualize what I am trying to explain to them. I'm not telling you to create a powerpoint but all I'm saying is, instead of sulking that your parents don't get you, find a way to get to them. 

Flowers from Dangwa / Photos by Arnold Camacho
Head pieces by Bonne 
I initially wanted a school bus but since I can't find one, we just borrowed a random yellow car instead
Cupcakes instead of a wedding cake / Photo by Arnold Camacho

Up to this very day, my mom considers our church wedding as our official wedding anniversary. While my husband and I consider our Boracay wedding our official wedding anniversary. 

Some couples concede to their parents and follow what their parents want to do during their first wedding--vowing to do their own wedding, their own way when they celebrate their 10th year anniversary. But we turned this around. As the couple, we wanted to do our own wedding OUR WAY first--then agreed to what my parents afterwards. It's a complicated matter but one that I wouldn't have had any other way. 

Choose your battles, learn to compromise, but always look for creative ways to assert yourselves. At the end of the day it's your wedding. 


PS. As you all know, we've had 3 weddings. But lest you think that this is excessive, I'd like to reiterate that if you sum up the costs of the 3 weddings, it will still not amount to a grand hotel reception wedding with all the frou frou in this world. 


Video by Ian Cruz Films / Brunch Photographer: J Lucas Reyes / Hair & Makeup by The Makeup of Mica Team / Gown by Tadashi Shoji / Brunch Venue: Cafe 1771, Ortigas / Catering by K by Cunanan / Head Candies by Bonne (Bonsai Fojas) / Cupcakes by Nikki's Cupcakes / Reception Venue: Ayala Hillside / Flowers: Dangwa
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