Your Wedding: Where Do You Even Begin?

Congratulations! You are getting married, and that is simultaneously one of the most exciting and terrifying things that can happen in your life! 
Yes, that's right I said terrifying because, as a rule, planning weddings can be overwhelming and even beginning to think about them can get 
you, your OH, and both your families worked up. With that in mind, here are some suggestions of where to begin that can help the process go a 
little more smoothly.

Start with your dream. Many brides have a clear idea of the wedding they want even before they get engaged, and there's nothing wrong with this. In fact, it provides an excellent base for planning the wedding as you are much more likely to know what will and will not work for your day.

Of course, the problems can arise when others that are close to you have differing opinions. In fact this can be a tough one to negotiate; however, you are still in a good position because you have a clear vision that you can keep coming back to if other people's contributions get a tad over enthusiastic. Just remember to stand your ground in the politest way possible, and you should be golden.

Start with your guests.

Of course, some brides don't have the luxury of using their dream wedding as a starting point because the guests that they want there have specific 
requirements. For example, you may have an extensive guest list of 200 plus people and so to have them all present means you have sacrifice a formal 
three course sit down meal for your day to be on budget.

Also, you may have a have a large concentration of guest in a specific location? If so, then it just makes more sense to hold the wedding there, even if 
it isn't perhaps where you have always dreamed of tying the knot.

Start with the trends.

Sometimes brides have no fixed ideas about what they want for their wedding and need to fulfil no particular requirements. This can be a tricky situation 
because with the wedding market being so broad and diverse it can seem impossible to narrow things down enough to make any final decisions. Luckily, there 
is a way around this, and it's taking a peek at the most current wedding trends to see what appeals.

To do this many brides scour the internet and bridal magazines, although if you can get a free guide like this wedding eBook to start with, you will make your 
life so much easier. Something that it is worthwhile doing when you have the stress of planning a wedding on your shoulders.

Start with your venue.

Lastly, you may have a specific venue in mind, whether it's a beautiful cottage garden, a lavish hotel or even something a little more quirky like a yurt? 
No matter what the venue though, beginning with this factor can be conducive to shaping your wedding because you are given specific parameters 
to keep to, including the number of guests and the selection of food on offer. If you are lucky, the venue itself may even suggest a particular theme, something 
that can make the whole process much easier.  


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