Ticking Off That Wedding Planning Checklist: How To Get Ahead

Wedding planning can be such an enjoyable process. However, some parts can be very long-winded. Things like venue choices and food options, for example. However, some parts of wedding planning can be quite quick and simple. So it’s always advisable to get some of those things ticked off your list at your earliest convenience. This will leave you feeling organised and accomplished. So here are a few things that you can organise quickly.

Your wedding bands
The wedding rings are one of the most important things of the ceremony. So it would be nice to tick that off the list sooner rather than later. Unlike choosing an engagement ring, your wedding band should be a real quick and easy decision. You will most likely know what you want. So get these ordered and paid for as soon as possible. You will feel happier knowing they are sorted.

What about the invites? 
One of the biggest tasks you have early on is letting your guests know they are invited. The sooner you send out your wedding invitations the quicker you will know your confirmed numbers, which can help with venue bookings and also for things like costs and added extras you may want to add into it.

Wedding transport
You may think that choosing your wedding transport would be a difficult decision to make. But again when it comes to this kind of thing you will have a good idea of what you want. It’s either a vintage style or something modern. When you know what you want, it’s very easy just to get it organised. Ticking this off the “to do” list will be great. At least you know you will get to the ceremony on time.

Your bridesmaid dresses
No doubt you will have sweated over this decision. But you don’t need to. Your bridesmaids will understand that this is your decision because it is your big day. You will have your colour scheme in mind by the time it comes to buying these dresses, so get it sorted as soon as possible. Fittings will not be best left to the last minute.

Wedding hair
Your wedding hair should be something that can be organised and booked in advance. Mostly because you will possibly be using your existing hairdresser. It’s easy as booking it in the next time you head for a regular haircut. Of course, how you want it to look might take a little more time. But again you should have a good idea about what sort of styles suit you. Plus your hairdresser will be best placed to offer some words of wisdom.

Your bridal party
Deciding on who will be part of your bridal party should be a quick and easy decision. Once this is finalised it will help with many future decisions in the future. Your husband should be able to advise you of his best man, and you will possibly have decided your bridesmaids the moment you were proposed to. The only other things to consider are flower girls and page boys, and also the ushers.
Let’s hope these things help you get ahead with your wedding planning.

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