A Sun-kissed Series in Bohol

It's 2020 and we wanted to take you on a dreamy beach fantasy!

In the blog, beach weddings are one of, if not 'the' most popular topic that we just love to feature time and time again. For some of our "OG" readers, you'd know that RB Kai had a beach wedding and so this topic has always been near and dear to our rebel hearts. And to those who also know that we do wedding consultancy via our Wedding Agency service, majority of our previous clients that have hired us in the past were beach brides and grooms.

So when BW Plus The Ivywall Panglao--the hottest and newest beach front resort in Alona Beach wanted to collaborate with us, we were simply beyond giddy. 

Since we were flying all the way to Bohol for this collab, we wanted to create not one but three stories for this editorial and thought of a Proposal, Elopement, and Honeymoon shoot, which we call the Sun-kissed Series. Here's a teaser:

So if you happen to be planning (or know someone planning) a proposal, elopement, or honeymoon getaway soon, watch out for the 3-part series happening pretty much in the next few days.


Photography by: Jamie Mapagu
(click here for Jamie's instagram link)

Event Styling by: Flora and Fern PH
(click here for Flora and Fern's instagram link)

Gowns by: Zandra Lim Designs
(click here for Zandra's instagram link)

Makeup and Modeling by: The Makeup of Mica
(click here for Mica's instagram link)

Shoot Location: BW Plus - The Ivywall Panglao
(click here for Ivywall Panglao's instagram link)

Special thanks to Marc Fuentes for modeling

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