Things to Do After the Wedding

With all the planning and preparation it takes to plan a wedding, it can be easy to forget about life after the wedding. In the following weeks and even months following the big day, it may be all you can think about.

It’s natural to want to hold onto that post-wedding high for as long as you possibly can, but six months and even a year later, there’ll still be that box of wedding decorations taking up room in your hallway.

As well as all the practicalities of thinking about the great clear up after the wedding, there’s also the need to think of life after the wedding for the next few years. Will one of you have to move to your new spouse’s town? What about if you change your name?

Here are some of the things you’ll need to think about after the wedding in the first few months of marriage.

Create a Keepsake Box of Wedding Items 

You’ll want to remember the best day of your life for years to come, but photographs on social media can only do so much. Sure, you’ll have framed pictures around the house, but try to get some more candid pictures printed.

Keep yours and your spouse’s place name settings and a couple of wedding favors, as well as some of the smaller decorations from the day. Some brides also opt to have their bouquets dried so they have a lifelong memory.

Having a keepsake box is a wonderful way of minimizing clutter while still holding on to happy memories of your big day.

Make Plans to Move Into The Marital Home

Many modern couples will have already lived together prior to marriage as a ‘trial period’ to see if they can go the distance of the rest of their lives together. Other couples don’t, so moving in together can be a big milestone after saying ‘I do’.

You’re likely to have already found the home you’re going to live in together, but making plans to move into the home can be a hassle in itself.

A quick online search can point you toward moving companies such as, who can offer you a complete moving solution while removing some of the headache that comes with moving house.

Send Out Thank You Notes

If you choose to have a wedding gift register that guests were aware of, soon after the wedding is a good time to send out the ‘thank yous’ for items that you have received.

Maybe your mom helped with some of the catering, or your dad organized some of the entertainment- make sure they get included, too.

Thank you notes are an inexpensive way of letting people know that you were thinking of them and that you were grateful for the contribution they made to your special day.

If you’ve also moved- make sure you include your new address so loved ones can pop by.

Planning for the best day of your life is also about planning for your happy future.

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