Sun-Kissed Series - The Proposal

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Set in a sunset-drenched backdrop overlooking Alona Beach in Bohol, the first part of our Sun-Kissed Series takes us in this uber romantic and dramatic setting of a "Sunset, Happy Hour, Picnic Proposal" idea. Here's how the story goes:

For this proposal idea, we thought of a "Sunset Happy Hour Picnic" because you want the proposal to be creative and special but you don't want it to be too obvious. A candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant is a dead giveaway. Planning a casual beach trip is a lot more inconspicuous. And timing is everything. We are pretty sure that happy hour/sunset is not the usual time a girl would think their guy would propose, but a sunset view while you are being proposed to, is so breathtakingly dreamy.

We collaborated with BW Plus - The Ivwall Panglao to execute our idea. They have the BEST sunset rooftop deck in all of Alona Beach. Most nice resorts in Bohol are not along Alona's beach front. So that alone made Ivywall's view extremely unique and priceless. We then worked with Flora & Fern to style the picnic. We wanted the picnic to look picture-perfect and different because couples don't usually have nice photos of their proposal, or when they do, they look all the same. The rooftop decor and the styling were fun, whimsical, and colorful. It came together and complemented the sunset colors so well. The result is an absolutely festive, non-cheesy, non-obvious proposal but it delivered on the drama, spectacle, and sweetness nonetheless.

Our models, a staple in our blog, is real-life couple RB Mica and her husband Marc. Marc proposed to Mica almost exactly 9 years as of this writing. Marc laid out the most elaborate, but also the most inconspicuous proposal for Mica. Mica as some of you already know, has an award-winning creative background in the advertising world, so being creative was definitely on top of Marc's list. My husband and I on the other hand, had no proposal. We were two adults, having "The Talk" and decided it was time. All proposals are different and should fit what kind of couple you are. But if you want to do a surprise proposal, then we hope our editorial idea gives you a lot of inspiration.

They say that the wedding planning is when the Bride truly shines and you just let her have her moment because she's probably daydreamed of her wedding most of her life. But the proposal, is when the Groom can have his moment to shine--to show his own creativity and make it fun and memorable for both him and his fiancee.

Up Next: Watch out for the second part of our Sun-Kissed Series!


Photography by: Jamie Mapagu
(click here for Jamie's instagram link

Event Styling by: Flora and Fern PH
(click here for Flora and Fern's instagram link)

Makeup and Modeling by: The Makeup of Mica
(click here for Mica's instagram link)

Shoot Location: BW Plus - The Ivywall Panglao
(click here for Ivywall Panglao's instagram link)

Special thanks to Marc Fuentes for modeling

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