My Great Gatsby Wedding: 10 Ideas To Get It Done

Seven years ago, Leonardo Di Caprio graced the screen in a phenomenal rendition of the Great Gatsby. Book sales for the iconic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald peaked rapidly after the movie was released. A lot of fans of the novel and the movie share the sentiment: The extraordinary life of Jay Gatsby is a rendition of the decadent, excessive, and idealistic 1920s in the United States.

If you’ve loved the novel and the movie, you probably have a soft spot for the Roaring Twenties. And, if there’s one thing the movie taught us is that Jay Gatsby knew how to throw an exuberant party. A Great Gatsby inspired wedding theme is the perfect choice for someone who seeks luxurious playfulness for the big day. For the creative bride, a Roaring Twenties wedding theme offers a non-traditional celebration that brings a lot of fun without compromising on style. The lavish 1920s were exceedingly stylish with a unique freewheeling sense of spirit, making them the best era for a lavish, fashionable, and creative reception. Here are some tips to channel your inner Mr Gatsby and plan a 1920s wedding. 


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#1. Share the word with a glamorous invitation 

Art Deco is a strong visual from the 1920s and 1930s that embraced modernism through sleek and anti-traditional elegance. Simple stylized shapes and streamlined geometry are some of the main characteristics of the Art Deco movement. It is an iconic symbol of the period, and it’s only fair to look around for artsy wedding invitations that encompass the clean lines and designs of that time. However, finding the right style for your Art Deco invitations can be tricky. Alternatively, you can find similar patterns on some vintage wedding invitations from MagnetStreet, such as the Ritz & Romance design or the extravagant Ascot Chic model. When it comes to color palette, the Roaring Twenties preferred precious metallic shades, such as gold, along with cream, blush pink, and champagne. Black was also a frequent occurrence for contrast. 

#2. Nail the 1920s look and feel 

Opulence is the quintessential attitude to the 1920s fashion. If you have fallen in love with the flapper outfits and the golden dress in the movie, A Great Gatsby wedding theme allows you to wear your favorite silk gloves and glittery fascinators without feeling one little bit overdressed. If you’re going for a Roaring Twenties apparel, the best thing you can do is go all in and embrace every glamorous feature of the era, just as Kitty and Vince did for their beautiful wedding. Finding the right wedding dress can be tricky at first. But you’ll have a better chance of discovering the perfect bridal gown on sites such as Etsy that has plenty of flapper designs at an affordable price. Alternatively, if you wish to wear a vintage dress, eBay is a great place to start. Some specialist wedding boutiques also provide a 1920s style for the bride and the groom. If your groom doesn’t know where to start: in the movie, Di Caprio is wearing the Brooks Brothers’ designs.

#3. The flapper hairstyle

Daisy Buchanan wears a variety of inspiring flapper hairstyles in the movie. If you want to embrace your inner flapper girl on the big day, your 1920s inspired hair can make a huge difference. Think of it as the indispensable accessory to your dress. For long hair, a glitzy headband can introduce a few 1920s styles that are easy to reproduce and comfortable enough to wear for a long day. The key is to curl your hair and wrap it around the back of your headband for a smooth finish. The secret of the curly updo is to pick a quality hairspray to hold the hair in place. Short-haired ladies can embrace the playful Josephine Baker’s style, a single kiss curl coming onto the forehead or the cheek. Baker had a short, sleek hairstyle when she used the kiss curl to enhance her face. Another fantastic tip for a polished look is to dye your hair a pale shade of blush pink or champagne gold, especially if you’re using these colors as part of your wedding palette. Dark brown or black hair is also a good choice if you want a fresh dye.

#4. Decadently delicious cakes 

You can’t throw a wedding party without the iconic tiered cake. However, for a Great Gatsby wedding, you need to be smart about cake designs. Typically, you can reach out to specialist cake businesses to discuss your needs and ideas. The most common cake decorations for vintage-styles parties include luxurious golden hues and sleek black, for an Art Deco finish. If you prefer something a little more sophisticated, you can opt for a combination of blush fondant and edible pearls and feathers. Of course, you should serve champagne alongside. The 1920s, despite being at the heart of the Prohibition, loved a good glass of bubbly. Bonus points if you can order champagne rosé, which has a light blush hint that blends perfectly with your decor.

#5. A menu with the Great Gasby flavors 

What kind of menu can you expect from a lavish 1920s wedding party? You have to be realistic. Small weddings can create a luxurious swinging menu that celebrates all the glitz and glamour of the era. Start the meal with a fresh minty gin & tonic that is a 1920s classic and the preferred pre-dinner drink. It brings your tasting buds to life, ensuring everyone can enjoy the food! Grilled oysters – or even Rockefeller oysters – make a wonderful warm appetizer. The main can be kept simple with a spiced glazed ham and vegetables. However, for large parties, it’s a good idea to replace the oyster appetizer with deviled eggs, which are more cost-effective and can be lavishly covered in vibrant glitter!


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#6. The unmissable Art Deco centerpiece 

You can’t have a 1920s wedding without an Art Deco centerpiece. DIY enthusiasts can rejoice in the challenge. You can create your own centerpieces with fake pearls and feathers glued to an empty bottle. Add a decadent touch by spraying the bottle in gold paint. If you prefer some a little more unique, you can order sleek Art Deco lighting to be placed on your tables. An extravagant piece that brings the style of the era home.

#7. Surprise everyone with 1920s music 

Does a Great Gatsby inspired wedding need 1920s music? The answer is yes, of course. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t mix styles and play modern songs too. But you want to have some tunes that bring the sound of the Roaring Twenties. In short, you want Jazz, which symbolizes the spirit of liberation and modernism of the era. Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, and Bessie Smith are some of the unmissable names you want to have on your playlist. If you’re going for a kiss curl hairstyle, make sure to add Josephine Baker to the mix too. If you prefer an instrumental background, the music from the Gold Rush (1925, silent movie by Chaplin) is an excellent choice.

#8. What’s the best venue? While there are still some Art Deco venues around, more and more have been replaced by modern buildings and decors. If you live in a place such as New York City or Los Angeles, both famous for their Art Deco scenes, you won’t have any difficulties finding a beautiful wedding venue that matches your theme. However, don’t sweat it too much. For a 1920s wedding, you can be creative with high ceilinged reception areas and luxurious decor. A lot of hotels have the right look and feel for the era, even though they have been built later. It’s easier to pick a roomy and neutral venue that can be made to look like out of the Great Gatsby with the right palette color and decoration than to find an original 1920s place!

#9. To quote or not to quote? Should you quote the Great Gatsby during the reception? A lot of couples choose to mention the novel by one of its most famous quotes:

You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known – and even that is an understatement.

It’s a sweet addition that brings the theme a little further and fits the mood too. You can opt for a subtle approach by using characters from the book in your seat plans, such as Nick Carraway’s table and Daisy Buchanan’s corner.

 #10. Vintage cars for the win A classic car is a wonderful addition to your wedding plan. The 1920s Rolls Royce Phantom Limousine is an iconic model for the era, and you’ll be able to find a classic car for hire reasonably easily. These models were hugely popular and are still available for special events. The 1920 Nash Touring is another great choice as it’s a convertible vehicle; perfect for photos! For something quirky, you can also consider a 1921 Oldsmobile 43A Series Touring, which is guaranteed to be a stylish background for your couple photo.

A Great Gatsby wedding brings an element of glamorous exuberance that is iconic of the era. For couples who want a stylish party with a hint of luxury and playfulness, the Roaring Twenties offer the perfect theme: Free-spirited music, liberating fashion, decadent glitter, and delicious bubbly. It’s hard to find anything to complain about, and that’s what makes a 1920s theme such a fantastic choice!

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