Civil Weddings RULE!

Babyruth's grand entrance on her wedding day, may not be through a traditional Church door--- but it's one of the most unique and coolest bridal entrances I have seen todate.
Photo taken by Arwin Doloricon

NOTE: This blog post, was originally from which I decided to share with you all--this is for the Rebellious Bride who may be experiencing some "difficulties" for planning a wedding outside of the Church. Whether you are having a civil wedding because of budget, or because you really don't want a Church wedding, whatever the reason is, this post is for you--to inspire you and tell you that CIVIL WEDDINGS RULE! :)


 "defying convention is just as romantic and doesn't make the love any less relevant compared to a church wedding" -- 

In our society, if you get married outside of the church, people, especially parents and relatives, can't help but look down upon your wedding. Like it's not "legal" in the eyes of God. Like you have some sort of "sin" that's why you are not having a church wedding, and God will not bless you. My mom was not happy with our Boracay wedding. She firmly believes we are not going to be blessed if it's not going to be in the Church. To each his own. 

But what we believe, is that it doesn't matter where you are married. The more important thing is that you love each other. Some people get married in the Catholic Church and they are not even in love--they were arranged to be married--does that mean they are more blessed than a couple getting married civilly but are madly, deeply, in love with each other? God is fair in love and war. 

Also, I have heard of crazy stories about couples who have not even claimed their photo albums and videos from their suppliers 6 months after being married because they are already fighting and or separated...and most are church what does that say, really? 

And so I'd like to feature three of my favorite civil weddings (apart from ours heheh). Couples who have managed to conceptualize beautiful, unique, "astig" weddings out of civil ones, couples who are truly in love with each other, weddings that genuinely move and inspire me :)

Cannes-worthy, filmakers Chuck & Babyruth's 
"Supreme Wedding"

"We decided to have our civil wedding at the Supreme Court last March 4, 2011. Saan pa diba kung civil wedding pa lang naman? hehhe. The marriage was officiated by Justice Martin Villarama who is the uncle of my wife. We had our reception with family and friends at the Spiral in Sofitel." -- Chuck

(Chuck's Side note: We are planning to have our church wedding in 2012. Still preparing for that)

"It is simply the wedding we've ever dreamed. Thanks so much to our family and friends who became part of our little "secret" affair. We hope these photographs will enable us to share our joy during this special day to all of you." -- Chuck

Preps and Reception; Sofitel
Ceremony; Supreme Court of the Philippines
Gown/Dress; Vera Wang
Styled by John Paras
Photography by Arwin Doloricon (

The second civil wedding that I like, is from a couple that I don't even personally know. But their Jason Magbanua video, is one of my all-time favorites! :)

Jorene & Dave

Carrie & Big

My third favorite civil wedding? After six seasons of Carrie & Big's confusing love story, and after all the big fuss on their cancelled grand wedding, this love story still ended with a civil wedding, with Carrie's 3 best friends in tow. 

It's a TV show/movie but I reckon it's still worth mentioning :)

Much has been said about church weddings, but so few on civil ones. 

Most people don't also spend as much time, effort, and budget if it's "only" a civil wedding. But why not? As shown by these awesome weddings, a civil wedding is just as worth celebrating as any kind of wedding.

HAIL to civil weddings! Woot! :)

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Kai :)

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  1. Wow this is great! How did you apply for wedding in Supreme Court? :)