All in the Props

This blog is about going against the norm, right? Here's one of the thoughts that's been bugging me right now, and I don't mean to offend anyone when I say this. But sometimes, I really get overwhelmed by the overly decorated reception table ideas. To think the cost to hire an event stylist nowadays can go as high as six figures? It's such a waste of money knowing it will all go to things you won't use after the ceremony. I know this is the "in" thing right now, and sometimes this is the way traditional brides try to show that they have a rebellious side. But really, I don't see anything rebellious about it. Sometimes, it's all in the simple touches and details, that make a traditional wedding look unique and personal. Take for example Andrew & Coral's wedding, which looks very traditional and classic, but because of their props, and their unique details, even this traditional wedding looked pretty rebellious.

Here are some photos of this awesome wedding, taken from Rebellious Bunch: Pat Dy's Blog.

Are you rebellious and gutsy enough to have a wedding in a backyard?

Coral seemed like a traditional bride, but then again...maybe not =)

There's nothing more rebellious than seeing a couple that looks very "harmless" caught stealing a kiss in their sexy ride

Get rid of excessive event styling and opt for unique details you can use after the wedding.

Opt for handy giveaways that the guests can use, and which can serve as props as well!

This wedding shows us how classic can be married with the unique and quirky. Happy Monday, everyone :)

Kai :)

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