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It wasn't that I wanted to be different; I was rebellious just because I wanted it to go my way, as I've always imagined it. It just happened that I wanted things that were different from the usual. I liked that my wedding had enough quirks to make it memorable. It helps if your groom is just as rebellious. :)

TJ Lactao-Chin, on what makes her, a Rebellious Bride

Instead of an AVP, The rebellious couple
opted for an exhibit !
Rebellious Bride TJ, used to do part-time work as a wedding host, back in her College days. So naturally, she's gone to too many weddings to know what she wants, and what she doesn't want. I admire TJ's rebelliousness--she had a classic 40s inspired wedding theme--which, if you think about it, is actually more fitting for a "traditional bride". But what makes her rebellious is the fact that she wanted to be so GENUINE with her theme to the point of creating their own wedding rules in the process. Even if it meant defying convention along the way, TJ let her theme guide her instead of being guided by outside factors. For instance, she rebelled against the cookie-cutter reception formula and opted instead to bring her reception in a vintage, heirloom restaurant, worthy of an authentic 40s theme. Instead of the usual love story AVP, she opted for a nostalgic life story exhibit! And being true to her theme, she was also rebellious enough to incorporate black details into her wedding ensemble--after all, a 40s look is never without either the colors red or black! TJ shares with us, her rebellious wedding planning:

Rebellious Brides: There were a lot of very creative details on your wedding such as the gown w/ black details, the exhibit, and the reception in a restaurant instead of a hotel -- care to share back stories on why you decided to do these things and are there more details of your wedding that are of the "rebellious" kind? :)

TJ: Back in college, I worked as a part-time wedding host. I've been to a hundred weddings. This experience helped me identify which parts of weddings I'd like to delete/change. For instance, I used to hate it when unattached men and women were singled out during the bouquet and garter ceremonies, so I scratched that from my program. I was also strict on not harming animals during the wedding, so no doves. My husband hated that weddings sported cakes that most of the time, weren't even served. So we scratched the cake. We both found videos awkward, so no videos.

The rebellious couple prepared an exhibit which included pictures from their childhood, their dating days, and prenup photos. Letters from family members like their grandparents were also included in the exhibit.

La Cocina de Tita Moning
Styling by Eve & Co.

We went for La Cocina de Tita Moning (Legarda Mansion) as venue for our reception because aside from it being a classic Art Deco example (which was in line with our 1940's theme), we absolutely love the food!

The black accents of the wedding gown were coincidental to the fact that I wanted my wedding shoes to be black. :)

RB: Since there were a lot of "non-traditional" aspects of your wedding, what were the challenges that you had to face while planning and how did you overcome it?

TJ: Most event organizers today have boxed their idea of a wedding into a common affair with fixed components. I had to struggle with this fact, forcing some suppliers out of their comfort zones. It helps to know what you want, and make your expectations clear to your suppliers from the get-go.

RB: Any shout-outs to the awesome people/suppliers who made your creative wedding possible

TJ: EVE & CO - Kudos to Eve & Co, our event stylist, who enchanted everyone with their lovely, intricate set-up.

VEEJAY FLORESCA: Our idea was to have a 1940's wedding with a modern twist. Veejay Floresca pieced the theme together and came up with wonderful creations. Plus I like that he mixed the 1940's vibe with a touch of black, to signify the bride's rebellious side. :) I also like the fact that he matched the designs with the personalities of the wearers (esp for my entourage). I'm lucky to have had Veejay as my designer.

Cocktails at the La Cocina de Tita Moning
LA COCINA DE TITA MONING: Everyone raved about the dishes at La Cocina de Tita Moning. They specialize in Spanish-inspired heirloom recipes, and are served by long-time servants of the Legarda family. Mark's favorite is the slow-roasted pork. Mine was their signature bread pudding. Their venue is truly vintage. They have several valuable art pieces by national artists like Felix Resureccion Hidalgo.

Tanghalang Pilipino gave an awesome finale 1940's-inspired show!

Tanghalang Pilipino

VAL VILLARIN: Val Villarin, hair and make-up artist, really got into the theme. I love what he did to my hair. It looked really authentic.

LOURDS OF WINE BAR (CHATEAU 1771 GROUP OF RESTAURANTS): Wine selections were recommended by Lourds of Wine Bar, El Pueblo. She came up with selections that Mark and I can enjoy, which could also be appreciated by our guests who are not wine lovers/connoisseurs.


Know what you want. Find people who are no less than like-minded, and work with them. Know when not to compromise. This is your day.

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