Rebellious Bunch - J Lucas Reyes

"The heart of 'rebelliousness' is certainly the passion for expression, and expression never requires perfection. Oftentimes, the perfect wedding for some is what may have worked for others, and where the couple's personalities only fill in the gaps of a ready-made-done-already-and-cool masterplan....."

All photos and layouts by J Lucas Reyes

....The perfect wedding for a rebellious bride is putting her money where her heart is, on a plan that embraces both their souls and not just what usually works for everybody. These brides scream vision, not just purpose. And personally experiencing these weddings riddled with thoughtful ideas and peculiar quirks that challenge convention draws you in, with clear answers that resonate who the couple really is. For them it's not just putting on an expensive gown and a dapper suit, it's all about wearing their intricate paper hearts on their sleeves (with good taste of course!) on their most important day as a couple." 

- J Lucas Reyes on his definition of The Rebellious Bride

Why was J Lucas Reyes included in our list of the Rebellious Bunch?

Because I personally carried out my "rebellious plans" with him! I considered many, MANY photographers for our Brunch, June 4, 2011 shoot. So many in fact, that I already don't have a face to show for, should I meet the other several photographers I inquired with in person. So why did I decide on getting J? Contrary to how he calls himself, which is "the new kid on the block", he is actually referred to by many in the wedding scene as "the next big thing", and naturally, I wanted to work with the "next big thing"! And I wasn't disappointed. Our brunch photos are definitely filmtatsic! Which is the second reason why I got J -- because of his filmtastic style. 

J Lucas Reyes, is a perfect fit for a Rebellious Bride because based from my own experience, he was a trooper and was definitely game to shoot with us, despite the very confusing shoot we had. But apart from that, his style is also perfect for the Rebellious Bride because as a Rebellious Bride, I am sure you will require a lot of  creativity, organic, and theatrical feel in your photographs and J is perfect in doing just that. 

As a photographer, he fashioned himself his own unique style he calls filmtastic--made out of his vision to perfect the effect of film in digital photos. The result is nothing short of spectacular. His photos look very natural yet emotional. I have not seen black and white photos look so powerful....

....and the movements he captures are frozen in the most beautiful slow motion. 

Having had the experience in graphic layouts for several years, he was able to use this in his "wedding film stills" in his unique title cards that look like movie posters. His awesome layouts are enough for me to get hooked! 

Here is a sample of a "Rebellious Plan" perfectly executed by J. His couple wanted to re-create the movie "Serendipity" in their engagement session. See how J executes this so perfectly in a natural film effect which made the story telling so impact-full in its own simple way. 

The Photographer
Taken by Paolo Magsaysay
J Lucas Reyes. Filmastic Rebelliousness, for the Rebellious Bride. 

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