Rebellious Idea - Studded Bridal Look

Rebellious Bride by Hindy Weber Tantoco
When Hindy Weber Tantoco emailed me this picture of a pink studded gown, I knew right away that this was meant to be shared with our dear, Rebellious Brides.

For my second wedding, I wore a pink gown--I didn't even think I was the type who would actually wear pink for my own wedding--but I was more concerned with the fit of the gown as opposed to the color so I went ahead with it.

Some people think that the color pink is just "puke-worthy". On the contrary, Hindy's gown just proves, that pink as a color in itself is not wimpy--it's how the color is actually USED, styled, and designed that make all the difference. This gown may be in the girliest color ever imaginable--but it also looks very wicked. I love it! Very rebellious-worthy indeed! 

This got me into searching for other "cutie" wedding accessories that can be studded. Check out my discoveries: 

OMG! Studded Christian Louboutin Turquoise Ballet Flats! Where can I buy this?!?!?!??! LOOOOVE!  Rebellious Brides--make me proud and wear this to YOUR wedding. Hehe ;)

Check out this STUDDED BOUQUET! Absolutely loving this as well!

How cool is a studded bridal look to balance out the girlyness and the rebelliousness? Or better yet, how about "studs" as a theme? You can even be "pilosopo" about it and ask your groom to wear a shirt that says "Stud Muffin".  

Studded cakes, studded invites...the list can go on!

Any more suggestions?

This is just a teaser of ideas that we can develop for your studded wedding! Are you interested to have a wedding consultant? Email us at for more details.

Kai :)

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  1. Please note that you may want to order 1 size up from what you wear. I ordered the XL for a size 13 wearer, and it was a little small, but thankfully, we are still able to use the dress.