Barbie & Ken's Rebellious Wedding

Photos and Concept by Beatrice De Guine

It's official my dears, being a Rebellious Couple is the new tradition. Because if the most classic couple ever imaginable have opted for a rebellious wedding, then there's hope for our cause, don't you agree? I'm talking about Barbie and Ken's rebellious wedding.

Conceptualized by visionary and creative photographer Beatrice De Guine, she developed an out-of-the-box photo shoot/rebellious story by imagining how Barbie and Ken would tie the knot--and she envisioned it to be a rebellious one. Ken in a rockin' black pants instead of the usual dapper suit , Barbie in a fabulous hat instead of a veil, soda pops, a wedding with only their closest of friends which seemed to have transpired in a backyard, CLEARLY the most famous couple in the world are probably tired of the glam and wanted a laid back wedding.

The photos are absolutely gorgeous. So I won't try to sugar coat it any further. Here goes:

I love this shoot and the rebellious message it reflects back to us--that even Barbie, who we all loved when we were kids and still love 'till now, has kept up with the times and she is embracing her inner rebel. Though this was only envisioned by a photographer, it tells us as well on the kind of weddings the industry longs for and how it is being done, half way around the globe. 

If Barbie and Ken are doing it the rebellious way, so can you!

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  2. This is really wonderful. Who knew even Ken and Barbie can be so low key. what with their mansions and closet full of designer duds, they would prefer being with closest friends..question is, Where the heck is Kelly, Stacie and Skipper (Barbie's baby sisters)? haha