Kate Spade Mood Board #1

I heart Kate Spade. The love affair started in 2002, when I watched Kate Spade's life story on the lifestyle network. How she boldly created her own niche in New York, had the guts to put her name outside of her bags, despite being an unknown designer, creating buzz among New York's fashionistas resonated with me so well. Up to this very day, Kate Spade stands for out-of-the-box designs, continuously defying luxury goods, and just plainly being silly and charming and quirky. I think Kate Spade makes for wonderful wedding ideas and mood boards. My weddings have all been, very Kate Spade inspired. In fact, the pinwheels used in our wedding was from Kate Spade!

Here are some wonderful ideas from the Kate Spade website. Enjoy! 

How silly, quirky, and fun are newspaper hats for your rebellious wedding!?

Color motif, perhaps? 

Awesome prenup peg, don't you think? :)

What a wonderful rebellious gown idea! :)

What brilliant ideas! And I hope to share more of my Kate Spade finds here, for your mood boards! What inspires you for your wedding apart from wedding magazines and blogs? We'd love to know! :)

Kai :)
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  1. love love love it! parang Nido lang. haha.Kate Bosworth's eyes are mesmerizing don't you think?