Rebellious Virtual Idea

"The iPad Bridesmaid" is carried by her partner 
during a wedding ceremony

In Denver, USA, a wedding was attended by a bridesmaid through an iPad2 facetime application. When news of this video came out, there were a lot of negative comments, with even 74 dislikes on Youtube as of this writing. But the truth is, the reason why the bridesmaid couldn't make it was because she didn't have the budget to fly to Denver--and I commend that everyone was game to make sure she could be part of the wedding, in fact her partner even walked her down the aisle even if it was in a virtual way!

In our own wedding, one of my matrons-of-honor who lives in South Carolina couldn't make it to our wedding. We planned to see each other through facetime on the wedding day too. But of course, my Internet connection was just not up to par with hers so the plan failed. 

I don't know why there were a lot of negative comments regarding this idea but I personally think it is a rebellious great idea. If the bride and the groom allowed this virtual element in their wedding, then who are we to even judge their idea?

Of course, as a close friend of the bride or the groom, you should make it your own special responsibility to exhaust all your efforts to be at the wedding. But if there really is no other choice, then it make sense to use whatever resources can be used to still make it work. Nowadays, even the most important people in the wedding party are unable to attend the wedding due to money matters--it's just the way it is. Instead of bashing this idea, we should pick it up and learn from it rather than bash it--especially for those who have dear friends who can't make it to the wedding. If I had the choice, I would have done the same--or rather, I would have made a live streaming of the wedding. 

What say you? 

Kai :)
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Credit: Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)


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  2. super ok idea! one of my relatives from the US asked nga if possible na we can set up skype at the venue so they can watch the reception even from afar! :) sayang lang walang wifi sa venue. :)