Rebellious Prenup - Zombie Love
Wedding enthusiasts around the globe are in love with this rebellious prenup photos from the States with almost 25,000 views and 59 likes at 

And because of its rebelliously awesome nature, we thought we'd share it with you all. 

Taken by LA-based photographer Amanda Rynda, she shares:

I shot this engagement session for my awesome friends Juliana & Ben. Here's a link to my tumblr. It's not as updated as it should be. :)

It was Ben's idea! He wanted to make sure his manliness wasn't lost in an engagement session. :) Juliana styled it, I staged, shot & edited it. It was a super fulfilling & creative day for me thanks to Juliana & Ben and their unique view on love.

Being a fan of the Resident Evil games and the TV series Walking Dead, Mica and I are totally, rebelliously digging this prenup session! 

So here goes! Enjoy!

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  1. This e-session is so wicked!

  2. uhm... that filipino version's plainly copied.. in a not so good way :/

  3. That Filipino version is waaaaay better than this one, Mr. Anonymous.

  4. The fact of the matter is, it wasn't an original idea so it doesn't make it any better.