Rebellious Idea - The Greenery/Weasley Wedding

Hop on aboard at The Greenery!
The moment I saw this enchanting wedding venue in Bulacan in one of Ian Cruz' wedding videos, and now in J Lucas Reyes' wedding photos, I have been drawn to it. The train immediately transported me to a Harry Potter scene, as if I were off to Hogwarts (watch the train in action from the Ian Cruz video found below). The name of the place is The Greenery. And I super want to visit it someday, and perhaps do a shoot.

According to Ian, the place was specifically created just for weddings! The place looks absolutely wonderful and dreamy. Here are some photos from their official website, photos from an actual wedding from J Lucas Reyes, and the Ian Cruz video.

J Lucas Reyes
This got me into thinking of how to create a Rebellious wedding theme if I were to have a wedding here. Since the train easily made me think of Harry Potter, then this will be our feature for today. But with a twist--I'm thinking, Hogwarts meets Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley's Wedding!


Hop on aboard! The guests from "Hogwarts" are off to take a detour to a wedding at The Greenery! Imagine the guests in Hogwarts Chic, riding the train at the Geenery, en route to the wedding at the garden. We see the maid-of-honor (as Hermione), waving at the guests as they arrive. The guests are dropped off assisted by an usher who oddly looks at lot like Hagrid, then the train zooms away to pick up the bride. And the Bride. What of the Bride? In an enchanting Fleur Delacour bridal gown of course!

Guests in Hogwarts Chic photo taken from: and
The Weasley's place looks perfect at The Greenery

The ambiance and the decorations are equally enchanting, with the most wonderful lavender hues with black, lots of cupcakes, and wizardry, topping the festivities off with a fireworks or a light show display that magically looks like a Patronus Charm!

A magical and beautiful wedding ambiance!
A Patronus Charm as a fireworks or light show display!
What say you my dear Rebellious Brides?

How would you create your own rebellious wedding if it were at The Greenery?

Kai :)
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  1. I have 2 ideas: A formal one and a playful one:

    1) FORMAL: I envisioned like a Polo Match followed by a garden cocktail affair after. Similar to the scene in Pretty Women. Guys dressed in khakis and ladies dressed in long flowy dresses with hats.

    amuse bouche, canapes, pastries and paired with a mimosa buffet, selection of fine sparking wine with choice of fresh mangos, strawberries or grapes.

    2) PLAYFUL: Field Day feel... a grand summer picnic celebration with plaid red and white blankets sprawled on the lawn, picnic baskets given as you arrive for your preliminary field day gear. Large bbq pits, beer kegs and juice bars set up under the trees. Numerous field games set up for everyone to join in such as potato sack races, tug-o-war, ultimate frisbee, water balloon toss. And a large water fight at the end..

  2. Hi Summer Love,

    Thank you for the cool ideas! Both are rebelliousy fab :)

    Kai :)

  3. A barn wedding or a 60s wedding -- because the houses make me think of a nostalgic theme =P