Rebellious Bride - Jo

Photos by Pat Uy
"Can't get more rebellious than knee-high boots and a front-slit gown..."

- A Palileo, on his Rebellious Bride Jo Catral-Palileo

Where do I get my rebellious creative genes? Before school, and before work, there's family of course...and my brother, my sister-in-law, and my sister (who swears she will elope when her time comes)--are all very rebellious indeed.

My brother and my sister-in-law's wedding was the first ever creative wedding I have ever laid eyes on. Sure, the wedding was a classy December wedding with a church ceremony, and a big band hotel reception. But it was riddled with so many personalized, unique elements. 

From a simple invitation that says guests can wear jeans if they want to, from black & white photos as misalettes, personalized biscuits to give away for the commute from the church to the venue that says "Here's something to temper your temper" (it was December and traffic is ridiculously crazy), disposable cameras in every table, awesome AVPs, my brother standing on the table for a surprise song number--it was the early 2000s and their wedding was ahead of its time and is definitely one of my all-time favorite weddings to date. 

And as you all know, we have a momzilla in our midst. I still remember Jo's bloody red rose bouquet--and my mom was asking why her bouquet was red of all colors? Why was it not white?, she inquired. But it was the littlest of detail that was rebellious. The most rebellious of all was my sister-in-law's bridal gown & shoes. It was as if she was a runaway bride-in-the-making! Haha. But of course, she was not. 

My brother shares that Jo really wanted boots. "Jo used to frequent the classic rock venues- weekends at the Atrium, Club Dredd, etc. When she told her designer, Joe Sason he liked it but said if she's wearing boots, better show it off. So he put a slit in front. By the way, Joe is an old school designer who's kinda reclusive. He's popular among those in the know."

 Just goes to show that there's also a rebelliously creative way of doing a classy wedding. Did you have a rebellious wedding? Or did you incorporate anything of the rebellious kind in your otherwise traditional wedding? Check out or Submissions Page to find out how you can contribute :)



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    Aw, thanks Erika. I'm both extremely touched and embarrassed by your words. Hahaha! :)

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    Thanks for this! Great write-up!