Random Rebellion

For those who have been with us since time immemorial (wow ah parang matagal na daw, o--hehe), you would know by now that we have various types of Rebellious Series to look forward to every week or every month. There's the regular feature on real-life Rebellious Brides, we have Rebellious Ideas/Themes for your Weddings, the "blasphemous" new wedding thoughts that we'd like for you to contemplate on, and occasionally we have special features which includes The Rebellious Grooms, prenups, works from the Rebellious Bunch, mood boards, etc, etc.

This time around, we present to you another series which we call Random Rebellion--featuring just 1 powerful photo/video from any awesome innovator to serve as an inspiration, to rouse interest, to awaken your Rebellious Spirit.

And we want to start it with this:

The M says it all.

To know more about this photo, visit: http://www.mymetrophoto.com/archives/4771

Watch out for more Random Rebellion



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