The Rebellious Mango Red Box

A few months ago, we were asked to choose 250 of our favorite photos for Mango Red to post process. What we did was choose just 180 photos and allowed Mango Red to choose the rest of the photos to edit--we did this because we wanted them to have a free hand on which photos they would want to play around with. The result is a refreshing take on our wedding photos! I've seen these photos a thousand times before but I am so amazed at how the photos look so fresh.

An old soul at heart, I love that we have these prints to have and hold. There's nothing quite like actual prints that show you so much more detail and depth into the photos.

Mango Red's photos even in its RAW form are so beautiful as it is--but seeing these edits give me so much more reasons to give Mango Red such high praises and raves!They are the ultimate Rebellious Gang indeed!

Here are some of my favorite prints :)

Separately, Mango Red also gave us our very own wedding album. To know more about it, click the pic below :)

Bora Hop - The Rebellious Album Edition

Have you been married a few months ago or a few years back, and you'd like to share your rebellious wedding prints, or rebellious wedding album layouts? We'd love to feature it! Email us at



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