Rebellious Prenup Idea - Weightless

Photos by Mark Cantalejo
Awesome e-session from Mark Cantalejo! Here is the story behind this idea, as written by Mark in his blog:

During my initial meeting with Jem & Dianne at a coffee shop, Dianne goes:

Dianne: Mark! We were thinking of doing something different for the prenup shoot..

Me: Oh that’s great! What did you have in mind? (mind racing with the possibilities of how unique they wanted it to be)

Dianne & Jem: We’re into scuba diving and so we thought if it would be possible to do an underwater e-session?

Me: Aaah….(Long Pause)

Dianne & Jem: No pressure marky…If you think its too much then we can think of something else.

Me grinning: No no no..It sounds really coo00l!!!! I’ve thought about doing something like it before so yeah let’s do this!!! (All the while, I was thinking, I’m really not that good a swimmer and my ability to hold my breath underwater effectively for extremely long periods of time is close to nil! )

What else is there to say? This idea already speaks volumes of how rebellious a couple and the photographer can do it in the most elegant and beautiful way as it can be. To see more of this rebellious prenup session, click HERE



  1. -via facebook-

    i'm excited for our prenup! hope it would be as unique & beautiful! :)