Rebellious Prenup Idea - Projector

Photos by Mark Cantalejo
We are loving the amount of refreshing e-session ideas that we are seeing in Mark Cantalejo's blog lately!

And we sure do hope the weddings are equally as refreshing! We challenge you to channel the same amount of rebelliousness and creativity in your weddings, the same way that you would loosen up when it comes to your e-sessions . I love the simplicity of this idea--an idea which seems simple enough but will make you think "Now why didn't I think of that?!?"

Here's what Mark has to say about this prenup, in his blog:

Let me show you Jason and Sam’s e-session which by the way is so unconventional to the regular location-based e-sessions. They both wanted something really different and then the idea that we’ll use a projector for their e-session came up! To project different places on a blank wall and just play and fool around! And boy did we have fun doing this! Sooo much fun!

We just can't get enough of Mark Cantalejo's work! Which means, we also can't get enough of his couples who are pushing the envelope! To see more photos from this e-session, click HERE.

Rebellious, creative prenup ideas need not be over-the-top, with all that jazz. Sometimes, it's just a matter of having one big idea, executed seamlessly. Know of other e-sessions with the same flavor as this? Or the weightless prenup we blogged yesterday? Share it with us at




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