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Here's an unexpected holiday-themed wedding. Unexpected because on the surface, there's nothing very "holiday-ish" about it. But it definitely is. I am a certified rent-head. Apart from the fact that I just have to make sure all my friends sit through a 4-hour documentary on Rent and creator Jonathan Larson, there was one Christmas when I painstakingly created my own artworks based on this musical's songs, printed each, and gave set cards to my friends, and in one of my birthdays, my husband surprised me with a "Seasons of Love" number from my closest friends at Fully Booked's private cinema. 

So do you have to be a rent-head just to be able to have a rent-themed wedding? That would just be perfect but this would still make for a wonderful theme even if you are not such a certified fan because Rent is essentially about love, celebration of life, being with friends, and taking a leap of faith. This is also perfect for couples who don't like the cheesy kind of wedding themes but would still want to create that feeling of being in love. Most especially, this is just perfect for the bride who utterly has a rebellious spirit =P

So why is this theme perfect for the holidays? For those who haven't seen the musical or the movie, Rent takes place on Christmas Eve and ends the year after, again on Christmas Eve. It's about resolutions, revolutions, irreverence, and counting the 525,600 minutes in a year measured in love and being with friends. So let's start!


The Bride as Mimi
L-R: Mimi Look Book from Polyvore , gown from Weddings on The French Riviera

In a modern day grunge inspired gown, styled with fishnet stockings and a pair of doc martens underneath, take out the shallow characterization of Mimi as a drug addict prostitute, and she symbolizes in the movie a broken soul who has found the man she wants to love and she fights for it with every breath she can take. Some of her beautiful lines from the musical is: "I can't control my destiny, I trust my soul, my only goal is just to be. There's only now, there's only here. Give in to love, or live in fear. No other path, no other way, no day but today." Further style the look with a chunky ring and black diamonds.

The Groom as Roger
Denim Suit from
A lead singer of a rock band, make Roger's denim washed out look sophisticated with a denim suit. Viktor Jeans, which is obviously more known for their jeans, actually makes impeccably made denim blazers and suits. The confused soul in the musical, Roger initially suppresses his feelings for Mimi. Eventually he realizes that he must let go, take a leap of faith, and just give in to love. Some of the most powerful lines from Roger: "I should tell you, I should tell you. I have always loved you. You can see it in my eyes."

The Entourage & Guests

The beauty of Rent is that anything goes. No rules. Each character has its own distinct style. But if I were to sum up the musical's fashion look--considering the movie remake, it would have to be modern day bohemian grunge. If you want to be more cohesive, you can get references from the 90s New York style, or the early 2000s emo style. But I would rather that you make it freestyle, depending on your entourage's personalities, they can either take on a look influenced by Tom, Angel, Mark, Benny, Joanne, and Maureen.

I know this ain't a cohesive look. But who says it has to be? 
L-R: Ladies look from, Guys look from H&M


As mentioned, rent's look is a modern day twist to the bohemian grunge style. The elements that can be incorporated are graphic layouts mashed up with bricks, mismatched Urban Outfitters styled furniture mashed up with dark candles. Rent is also about friends coming together. The "La Vie Boheme" number is the perfect reception look with long tables, set in the "Life Cafe" -- with bricks and a cozy feel. Scout for a venue that is made of bricks or something a little bit industrial!

What kind of program can you incorporate with this kind of theme--you might ask. Unique ones for sure! Set up a Street Drum session a'la Angel! Or instead of a photo booth, how about a video booth? All you need is the 8m app from your ipod, and people can leave messages. You can then eventually edit this to look like the same video that Mark made of his friends!

Create a video booth and have the clips edited into something like this: 
*Fast forward the video to 0:47 to see the video I am referring to

Rent is a musical so obviously, it is all about the songs! 

Surprise your guests as you and your friends suddenly stand up on the tables 
to recreate the La Vie Boheme number! 

Surprise again your guests to an unexpected turn of events 
as you suddenly tango your way into your first dance!

What better way to walk down the aisle with the song that finally makes Mimi and Roger profess their love for each other? HERE the perfect thought balloon when the bride walks down the aisle! *Read the lyrics below


I end this feature with the anthem of Rent, Seasons of Love, in Vitamin String Quartet version (I had my closest friends walk to this version down the aisle for our second wedding) -- to show that Rent is a perfect wedding theme -- it can be irreverent--yet elegant as well--it's all up to you on how you would want it to go :)

Kai :)


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  2. I love this, and I love RENT!

  3. RENT is my favourite film and ive been planning a rent wedding for ages!OMG i love it so much:) Best thing in the world thanks for some ideas<3 Preach!<3:)xoxoxoxo