Kate Spade Mood Board #6

There really is a reason why I am just in love w/ Kate Spade. My personality and style are just so in sync with Kate Spade! For instance, I've been so in love w/ Navy right now--in fact, the original gown idea for the Vegas wedding was supposed to be Navy (I'm speaking in past tense because I am no longer having a gown made for Vegas. Long story...)Actually, come to think of it, I am just in love with all shades of Blue (especially Turquoise) in general like for instance, coincidentally, without meaning to do so, I am now wearing a pair of Navy ballet flats, a blue paisley skirt, and electric blue shrug as I am writing this haha! So when I've learned that Kate Spade's color of the month is Navy, I was just like--wow--Kate Spade really gets me! Hehe. 

Once again, this makes for an awesome wedding color motif. Blue whales, synchronized swimming, denim jeans, blueberry cheesecakes, the inspiration is endless! During weddings, the "usual" color motif is that the bride picks a girly color like pink, and to even it out, there are touches of blue for the groom--but why not make navy as your focal point, then you can compliment it instead with rustic gold, purple, and white? It would make for a more refreshing palette tan the usual blue/pink combo.

Here's a glimpse of the Kate Spade navy collection!

Live colorfully,
Kai :)


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