Rebellious Idea - The Hunger Games Wedding

The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins
Here's a new rebellious wedding idea that I'd love to see soon! If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend that you do before the movie comes out on March 23, 2012. And if you are not the type to read books, I also highly recommend that this be your first book because it's very easy to read (the first two books can easily be read in 1 or 2 days tops, with very few pages and nicely spaced) and the book itself is quite addicting! 

What makes Hunger Games the perfect rebellious wedding idea is that the book itself is about a rebellion! 


Tibi's sktech of Katniss' Fire Dress
Tibi designer Amy Smilovic describes the book's lead character Katniss Everdeen as a "strong and rebellious female character" and we couldn't agree more. What's more, apart from the book being about a rebellion, oddly enough it is also about fashion statements and the very excessive Capitol which makes it a very graphic and outrageous wedding element that can give your wedding that extra oomph. 

The wedding ideas you will see below are taken from several references to the books and on what we've seen in the movie promotional materials so far. I was thinking of making it more cohesive with just focusing on District 12, or just the Capitol but I figured it would be crazier to just have like a Hunger Games mash-up of a wedding! For those of you who can't quite follow the terms and ideas explained here, I will try to be as "non-Hunger Games-reader-friendly" but I have 3 words for you: READ THE BOOK :) 

Let the wedding games begin! :)


The Bride as Katniss Everdeen
Tadashi Shoji sketch from In Style

Katniss Everdeen, or widely referred to as "The Girl on Fire", had the most memorable transformation from the tomboyish District 12 impoverished hunter to a formidable femme fatale force to reckon with when her designer Cinna decided to literally light her on fire during the Hunger Games Opening Ceremonies at the Capitol. And although she was primarily in unitard during the ceremonies, designer Tadashi Shoji interpreted the "Fire Dress" as a red-carpet look with shades of yellow, orange, and red which I think would have the same dramatic effect if walked down the aisle. *Keep on reading!

L-R: The Fire Dress by Christian Cota, Katniss' Hair Braid, and the Arrow Bouquet decked with White Primrose Flowers

Other bridal elements that can be Katniss-inspired is a feisty unitard reception outfit (because in Capitol, you can never have too many outfits!) like Christian Cota's sketch of a two-toned unitard, offset by a shiny black knee high boots and a fiery hooded cape. The bridal hair of course has to be the Katniss' signature braid (a tutorial is available HERE), and for her bouquet, I'd like to call it the "Primrose Arrow Bouquet" which is basically a DIY arrow bouquet that is decked with white primrose flowers. These two symbolical items serve as special tributes to Katniss' signature weapon (arrow) and her sister (Primrose Everdeen).

The Groom as Peeta Mellark 

The Groom, as Peeta will be in in a dark brown suit which I'd like to call, the "Baker Capitol Look"

Since I've always wanted Peeta for Katniss, the groom definitely has to be Peeta! For the ceremony, I see our much loved, hopeless romantic baker boy in a dark brown suit because the color reminds me of bread and of an earthy comforting mood that I always get with Peeta's words. But of course since this is a wedding, the dark brown suit, although it symbolizes bread, will be in a sleek Capitol ensemble--"The Baker Capitol Look". For the ceremony, Peeta can change into a more debonair look similar to the one he appears to be wearing in the interview scene from the movie.

The Entourage as Tributes and the Maid-of-Honor as Effie Trinket

L-R: The entourage will be in "district-color coded" dresses like a green dress to represent agriculture, a shiny dress to represent luxury, a yellow dress to represent grain, etc. The entourage can also be in capitol-colored nail polish while the Maid-of-Honor can be in a full-blown Effie Trinket outfit.
The entourage wears district-color coded cocktail dresses (ie. a green cocktail dress to represent district 11, a blue cocktail dress to represent district 4, and so forth). The entourage's styling is intentionally a little bit more subdued to make sure the other "characters" stand out like the MOH as Effie Trinket in all of her Capitol Couture glory.


There are a lot of variations that can be used as elements for the wedding. Like I said, you can either make it more cohesive with just creating a mood out of District 12 alone, or incorporating elements from the Capitol. In this case, I prefer it to be a mash-up of various elements divided into: Capitol Elements, Hunger Games Elements, and the District 12 Elements. 

"Look Your Best" - Capitol Couture is the ultimate Dress Code!

The Capitol DRESS CODE 

The most obvious way to use Capitol elements is the wedding's dress code itself. Theatrical make-up, fashion statements in the form of outrageous hats, architectural tops, chunky accessories, and killer shoes are just some of the ways you can ask your guests to dress up for the party. Another way to do this, is to ask your guests to just wear what they want to wear for the wedding, then have a CAPITOL MAKE-OVER BOOTH during your wedding where stylists can just spruce up your guests' looks with false eye lashes, colored lipsticks, colorful neckties, and outrageous DIY head pieces and boutonnieres

L-R: Create a "Capitol Make-Over Booth" during your reception where stylists can spruce up your guests' looks with false eye lashes, colorful lipsticks/nail polish, head pieces, bow ties, and boutonnieres


Architectural Design by Jason Buensalido
 BEFORE you get a stylist for your reception, commission a modern architect the likes of Jason Buensalido to create an interpretation of the Capitol for you: A futuristic city design with interesting buildings can very well be the backdrop of your reception. All you have to do is create life-size modules or create light projections of the architectural design.Photographer Oly Ruiz of Metro Photo had Jason Buensalido design his wedding expo booth and it was sensational! Another option is just to have your reception in a building with a contemporary look!

The Hunger Games DETAILS

L-R: Lottery tickets as wedding invites, District-inspired table assignments, and a Parachute Ceiling
 There are a lot of Hunger Games-inspired details that can be incorporated in the wedding. When I say "Hunger Games-inspired", I am not referring to the book in general but the actual hunger games itself. One such idea is to have Panem lottery tickets instead of wedding invites, district assigned table arrangements, and a parachute ceiling (thanks to for the idea). Can you think of other ideas? I also think it would be cool to have HOURLY SURPRISES during the program similar to the dynamics of the "clock-arena" in Catching Fire. Or how about a special concoction called NIGHTLOCK SHOTS? *If you don't read the book, I know these details can really be puzzling to you, and I wouldn't want to explain each and every concept. Best to really read the books my dears :)

District 12 FOOD & CEREMONY

L-R: Mockingjay Cupcakes for desserts, Peeta's Cheese Buns as giveaways, and a Gingerbread House instead of a Wedding Cake!

Since Hunger Games is predominantly also about Peeta, our beloved baker boy from District 12, it is only befitting that our food and ceremony are made hearty with baked bread goodies. How about Mockingjay-designed cupcakes for desserts and  "Peeta's cheese buns" as giveaways? For the wedding cake, how about having a gingerbread house instead? And since District 12 has their own wedding ceremony tradition called "The Toasting", it would be fun to incorporate this in the program as well. (The Toasting: A District 12 wedding tradition where newlyweds share a piece of bread and toss it into the first fire they make after they are wed) 

Opt for Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings

SWEET ADDITIONS - Amidst all the rebellion, violence, and excessive fashion are the sweet details that you can also incorporate into the wedding. How about Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings with the word "ALWAYS" as the engraving? This unconventional wedding band metal has this  vibe that looks like coal turned into something elegant and beautiful. 

How about flower wreaths for the flower girls just like Rue? And of course, how about "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift as the bridal entrance?

Do you have more ideas for a Hunger Games-themed wedding? We'd love to hear from you guys! Let me end this feature with 2 more goodies for you. First is a fan art of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in a wedding gown, and second is the official trailer for the movie. I wanted to share with you a comprehensive trailer with a commentary but I think Youtube took it down....anyway, enjoy! May the odds be EVER in your favor. XOXO, Kai  :)
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Fan Art by: xskiesrbluex


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