White w/ a Twist

Gown by Geof Gonzalez (Photo by Mango Red)
We understand that going completely anti-white can be a difficult decision for some--perhaps the pressure and the unsolicited comments from friends, relatives, and onlookers can be too much to handle or perhaps it's just plainly not your cup of tea. But don't fret! There are still a lot of ways to innovate and wear a rebellious gown which we'd like to call, "White w/ a Twist" -- it's simply an idea of wearing a traditional white gown but replacing the classic design, cut, bead work, or material into something a little bit more reflective of your personality. Extraordinary bead work on the upper part of the gown creates an illusion that it is more of a silvery gown rather than white. There are also other rebellious techniques that create an effect that the upper part of the gown is a different piece or a fabulous razorback tank top! Later on you will also see designs that have subtle colored bead work at the back or at the bottom, and of course, just like Rebellious Bride Mica, you'll see some gowns that have pops of color as accents.

Gown by Sassa Jimenez (Photo by Mango Red)
Gown by Jun Escario (Photo by Mango Red)
Read on to see more! :)

Gown by Veluz (Photo by Paolo Feliciano)

Gown by Hindy Weber - Tantoco for Kim Lee

Gown by Carmen Lazaro (Photo by Mango Red)
Gown by Paul Rex (Photo by Mango Red)

Gown by Veluz (Photo by Nelwin Uy)

Gown by Sal Malto (Photo by Mark Cantalejo)

Gown by Mitzi Quelindrino Bustos

Gown by Veluz (Photo by Mango Red)

Gown by Francis Libiran (Photo by Nelwin Uy)

Gown by Veluz

Gown by Veluz

Which one is your favorite? I love all of 'em but I'm quite partial to the last gown by Veluz which debuted in one of her fashion shows :) I'd love that in gray or powder blue! :)

Did you wear a "White w/ a Twist" gown? We'd love to hear about it! Email away!

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  1. I super love all the gowns of Claire Pettibone--super romantic but modern. Her Rock n' Roll Bride collection (from 2009?) was especially sweet, yet still edgy. She's one of my favorite bridal gown designers but her shops are few and far between. http://clairepettibone.com/bridal/