The Archie Comics Prenup

I was just about to create a Rebellious Wedding Idea out of the Archie Comics (because Summer somehow reminds me of the gang). Then *bam!* as if Nico Lavarez, Creative Director of Visionary Photography Hub just read my rebellious mind, he shares with us this prenup shoot.  Thank goodness I haven't written my draft yet!

There are photo shoots that don't need that much writing to sell it. And this is one of those shoots. The work, the concept, the couple, just speaks rebelliously by itself. Enjoy!

Jervy Santiago for Visionary Photography Hub

Jervy Santiago for Vision Photography Hub writes:

"Bryan and Anne wanted something unusual and beyond real. Summing up their core connection– being spontaneous,fun and outgoing– they fell into the perfect notion of comics. Infusing acting, photography and comic illustration,we bring them into the bright world of Riverdale with Archie and the Gang."

*illustration based on Archie Comics

Storyboard and Styling by Krista Nogueras

Graphics: AJ Sarmiento

Hair and make-up: Irene Sy Go

To view the entire album, visit the link HERE :)

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