K+M: A Love Story Prenup Session

Photos by Mark Cantalejo
It seems to be the most logical prenup idea isn't it? To immortalize how you guys met, and your love story captured in photos? That some people may not be able to read between the lines but you guys know in your heart what the photos represent.

One of our clients from our Wedding Agency service, Dr. Mabeth Rivera and Atty. Karym Laidan had one of the most interesting love stories I've ever known of. Their love story is so interesting that it was the main focal point in both of their vows during the wedding.

PART ONE: The Universe at Work...
Gown by Mel Orlina
"The Perfect Time" - was how Mabeth described how they met, during her vows. Both were from Ateneo. Was introduced once. A casual Hi and Hello, and that was it. Nothing more. Both went on with their lives. One studying cadavers, the other studying cases.

But who would have thought that Starbucks, of all places, could very well be the Serendipity cafe?

 Years, and years had passed and Mabeth found herself alone in Starbucks. Karym on the other hand, was looking for a chair to borrow from another table. He saw Mabeth. He was bad with names. And why would he remember her name of all people? They were only introduced once, and ages ago at that. But for some weird twist of fate, the Universe whispered to him, her name. When Mabeth looked up, her response was: "And you are?" ---all of a sudden, the world around them became a blur, they started chatting away as if they were old friends. 

PART TWO: Two Years of Bliss....

In truth though, the prenup session wasn't going to be about their love story but rather, how they enjoy their time together as bf/gf. Initially, we conceptualized a nostalgic seaside photo shoot for them because La Union is their usual weekend getaway, Boracay a memorable place to get married to--in short, the sea is their playground, away from their intense day jobs. But the couple came up with the brilliant idea to incorporate how they came together in the process....and again, why not? It completed the entire love story.

Watch out for their "By the Sea" Boracay wedding coming very soon :)

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