Beauty in the Eclectic

"My advice to future brides: be open to new ideas. Open your eyes. Be creative and have fun!" -- Designer Veejay Floresca

When I was going through Rebellious Bunch - Cherryblocks' blog, one wedding really caught my eye. A bride who seemingly looked quite delicate was wearing an elaborately, uniquely textured gown and was holding a sign that says "I tried being normal once, I didn't like it". I instantly wanted to know more about this wedding and was just completely blown away by the details and the innate rebelliousness of both the bride and the groom. 

I then had the pleasure of chatting with Chuck of Cherryblocks and Ian Cruz (the couple's videographer) about this wedding and they were instantly excited--how it was the most eclectic and artistic wedding they've had, how insanely creative everything was, and how they wish they could have more weddings that had this much personality.

Incidentally, I discovered that designer Veejay Floresca also had so many wonderful things to say about this wedding and his unique creations. I loved everything that he wrote and I felt that we just had to re-post it in our blog.

Veejay: I "salute" brides whose vision is to be different without sacrificing unique style. Michelle is one of them...I was completely happy because I knew that it's gonna be a collaboration between an artist and a fashion designer. True enough, we made it! We were both happy with the outcome! ;-)

Michelle's wedding gown is made of different layers of electric pleated silk organza skirt, an architectural draped bodice, and a structured oversize bow adorned with crystal brooches. She matched her gown with a simple short veil.

For her lovely entourage, I designed dresses with random draping techniques cinched with pleated silk satin waistbands. One major detail I love the most was the digital prints on their dresses. These are precious paintings of the bride, she wanted each dress to be memorable. 

Her "vow" was the print on Tricia's (Maid of Honor) dress. The feathered earrings are just perfect! Isn't it cool?!

My advice to future brides: be open to new ideas. Open your eyes. Be creative and have fun! Weddings are special occasions to be remembered forever. All you need to do is hire experienced wedding suppliers that you are comfortable to work with, and they will transform your dream wedding to a reality. And don't forget to simply have fun! ;-)

I think that Cherryblocks and Veejay did such a SUPERB job in visualizing this couple's one-of-a-kind personality. Congratulations to Lindsey + Michelle, and to all the wedding artists who made this wedding beautifully rebellious :)
Special thanks to Veejay for allowing us to re-post his blog. To read more of Veejay Floresca's blog, visit: 

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