The Tale of The Giant Paper Flower

Photos by John Sy
When I was thinking of a clever blog title for this feature, I instantly thought of something that sounds like a children's book, a fairytale, or a fable. Because there's just something about giant paper flowers that make me feel like I'm in some magical whimsical wonderland.
The first time I discovered the existence of such a wonderful and intriguing giant was from Green Wedding Shoes no less. I was instantly drawn to it--it made me smile, and kind of made me wanna have one just to behold--kinda like how a little girl would be so drawn to pretty pink things.

In fact, one Sunday afternoon, RB Mica, myself, and my hubb, tried to make giant paper flowers ourselves. The verdict? Boy it's a pickle. You need the right materials to make one that is sturdy and of high-quality and those that have been written in how-to-do blogs refer to materials that are available abroad.

Then much to our delight, and as if by magic, two days after our quest to make giant paper flowers, freelance crafter and DIY advocate Koni Esteban emailed us of her recent success at perfectly making a giant paper rose for Rebellious Couple Mags and Erick Bajao.

Mags & Erick Bajao's Wedding

When RB Mica, myself, and my hubb tried to do two (JUST TWO) giant paper flowers--we spent a lot of money (and now money down the drain) just because of trial and error. So I definitely believe that it is more cost-efficient to get someone like Koni to create these wonderful giants because she has already perfected it (trust me we know--we have her actual prototypes with us now---and they are wonderfully made!).

Giant Paper Flowers by Koni Esteban of Candidly Pretty

"A Rebellious Bride is crazy-in-love with her groom and would like to share it through a wedding celebration that best describes who they are and the dreams they aspire for. She stands up for her beliefs and personal style while maintaining courtesy and respect toward her family and friends. She chooses to be a Rebel not because she wants to stand out but because she wants the world to see who she really is and how she loves =)

-- Koni Esteban's definition of the Rebellious Bride

K & M Fabric Letters by Candidly Pretty

As a gift, Koni also made fabric covered letters for The Rebellious Brides! M & K! And they are awesome! So much bigger than those we've seen in other stores!

Thank you SO MUCH Koni for sharing with us your talent! :)

Contact Koni Esteban through the following:

Search "Candidly Pretty" on Facebook

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  2. Thank you Rebellious Brides for featuring us. Erick and I are delighted to see our pictures to a famous wedding blog site. To Koni, Congrats girl! God bless you and may He use your talent for His glory.
    Keep it up!

  3. -via gmail-

    Hi Kai,

    I read your feature on The Tale of the Giant Paper Flower, I cried even before finishing the article. It was such a very happy coincident that I emailed my inquiry on submission to Rebellious Bride a few days after you guys were trying to make paper flowers. That for me is serendipity =)

    I told Mags, the bride, that we are featured in RB, she was soooo happy! According to her, it was a dream come true. That in itself is my reward. Thank you so so so much! More success to RB =)


  4. I'm curious why yours didn't work out? I've made giant paper flowers out of multiple paper types and they've all worked out great. I've used watercolor paper, poster paper, and even coffee filters and I would say they were all successful. I have some posted on my blog if you want to check it out.

  5. I also make paper flowers and if the measurements are not right and the paper is tissue or other low quality paper the results depending on the persons visual idea of how they should look can differ.Some will love them and others will think they are horrible.Also taking pictures of paper flowers is tricky and can either look good or not even if they are really attractive.Large closeups show better detail but not always possible online..Tissue flowers need to be made and used where they are made... not for shipping..Lots of wrinkles..I have had many people say they loved the flowers even more when they received them.Alot of work goes into paper flowers even though it looks easy.