The Left 4 Dead Trash the Dress Session

Being a non-conformist, the Rebellious Bride is a disciple of individualism.

The Visionary Photography Hub on their definition of the Rebellious Bride

Photography by Jervy Santiago for The Visionary Photography Hub

Inspired by the game Left for Dead, Ingle and Aimee commissioned The Visionary Photography Hub team to make their outrageous trash the dress/post-nup concept a reality. And yes folks, the creative guys over at Visionary are the same rebellious guys who brought us the Archie Comics Prenup.

Rebellious Brides: Who came up with the overall concept? Was it a collaboration w/ the couple? Did you guys brainstorm?

Nico Lavarez (Creative Director of VPH): It definitely was. We at Visionary are known for our crazy, no-compromise pictorials. But of course we make sure that every single detail has been approved by the client. Also, each concept is a project that feeds off from the couple's characters & personal ideas. We make sure that what we offer still embodies their personality because otherwise everything will come out half-baked. For Ingle & Aimee they loved the outcome because it reflected who they are as partners - fun, individualistic & always game.

RB: Obviously the couple was willing to push the envelope so how did you react the first time you knew they wanted something rebellious such as this? How was it like working with them?

Nico: What the others can't do, we can. We feel so blessed that we're given clients who also like to think out of the box. During Ingle & Aimee's shoot, the energy was so amped up, everyone was more than eager to get the layouts perfect. We even hired Parkour trainers to play the part of the aggressive zombies and an awesome team of prosthetic artists to help bring them to "life".

RB: Who designed the bride's gown and how trashed did it get? :)

Nico: The bride's gown was a hand-me-down. It came to use when we were hoarding her closet for stuff to use at the shoot. She never had the chance to wear it before hence its "trash" state, but it obviously got trashed for real after our team made a little project out of it. After a slew of stitches, tucking & draping here and there, a little tattering plus a few mud splats, the dress looked like it kicked-off a whole bunch of zombie ass!


Photography: Jervy Santiago 
Executive Producer: Mike Pelayo 
Creative Director: Krista Nogueras 
Prosthetics: Leo Velasco / Raphael David
Costume Design: Krista Nogueras and Bernice Beltran 
Graphic Artist: Bernice Beltran 
Assistant Photographers: Jeff Cadiz / Marvin Yabut

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Without over-thinking your answer, what trash session would you wanna do? And let's veer away from the "wet look" already, shall we? :)

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  1. My new dress has this great slit so people can see those ever expensive shoes that we girls love so much. Beautiful quality material and the price is phenomenal. Thank you so much.