Rebellious Wedding Bands

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Since RB's conception, I've been meaning to write a blog about rebellious wedding bands--but for some reason, I never got around to actually writing it.

What is the purpose of wearing wedding bands and how did this become an accepted tradition? I'm sure different versions will vary, but from what I personally gathered, the idea of wearing wedding bands became popular during the period of war--because husbands needed to be identified should they have the unfortunate fate of dying.

Nowadays, we wear our wedding rings so that society (and possibly single men or women) will know that we are married. In religion, wearing the rings has become a sign of once love and loyalty. In this simplistic logic, it makes me wonder where did traditional rules suddenly creep into the picture--that your ring shouldn't have a design, that it should have a smooth surface or else your marriage will be troubled, or that it should be like the most expensive gold or diamond that your husband can afford or else he wouldn't really be able to provide for you in life, etc. etc. I say whatever ring you choose, it should be something that reflects who you are--because you'll probably be wearing it for the rest of your married life--and that's probably the only tradition that makes sense.

My inspiration in writing this piece is actually when I stumbled upon tattoo wedding rings. I thought it was such an ingenious idea especially because you don't have to worry about losing it. RB Mica and I discussed this once, then she brought up the mini projector wedding ring that she stumbled upon too! So here are some of the interesting wedding rings that might inspire you to go rebellious!

Tattoo Wedding Bands

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Mini Projector Wedding Bands

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Ethical Wedding Bands

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The Rebellious Collection - speaking of wedding bands, we have a long-overdue collaboration with an established jewelry maker to create a rebellious wedding collection for them. What do you guys think? Is this something you guys would actually be interested in? What designs would be awesome? Off the bat we were thinking pink and black diamonds. Any thoughts? :)

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