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"May pattern kasi and mga debuts, kelangan ganito kelangan ganyan, I didn’t want to conform. I just got what was there and made it tailored fit for me."

Lea Cruz on what makes her a Rebellious Debutante

Photos by the 12 Masters Photography

A couple of months ago, we created a special teaser on Lea's debut shoot because her debut is actually very "wedding-worthy" and because her rebellious concept was a collaboration with The Rebellious Bride's The Wedding Agency Service. Now, we'd like to share with you guys a more in-depth feature on how The Wedding Agency works and how a debutante (and of course brides)  like Lea can benefit from the service. And not to sound self-serving but her debut really ROCKS!

The brief given to us by the debutante and the overall concept we developed based on the brief:

Some of the non-traditional debut ideas that we incorporated in her walkthrough

The set design and AVP shoot concept that we created for Lea based on her personality

And here are some of the actual photos from the debut:

What is "Lea by Design"? - When we think of debuts and how Lea didn't want to have the usual debut, we associated "coming of age" with knowing your own personal style--so we thought of Lea as her own fashion icon--what would be her logo? What would be her design aesthetic? How would she style her own fashion show? And since Lea was our kind of gal who also loved Kate Spade, it was so easy to find a concept that she could really call her own.
Our "peg" for her debut was like a fashion launch party--and we couldn't be happier w/ how Lea embodied the concept!

Lea didn't want to use flowers for her 18 roses--so we thought, why not 18 pinwheels!
Lea wanted a debut that her guy friends would enjoy -- and we thought that hiring Sam YG as her host for the night could very well do the trick ;)

Rebellious Brides: How did you find out about The Wedding Agency and Why did you want to hire The Wedding Agency?

Lea: I love googling my way to things. I googled for debut themes, suppliers and the like but somehow google always transported me to weddings. I’ve always been a fan of parties but after seeing all those blog pics, I fell in LOVE with weddings!

The “RB” blog came up! This inspired me more simply because I wanted my debut to be different . I didn’t want my party to become the usual pink attack complete with escort and cotillion. (no I’m not making bola) but the Rebellious Brides’ weddings just stood from the rest! I just can't forget both your bouquets (brooch and felt paper flowers) and all the cute and unique details! I sound like a stalker but I’ve been a fan ever since.

My friends and I have been to TONS of debuts na so the bottomline is --“what makes mine different?” With that in mind I knew exactly who to call!

RB: What was it like working with the Rebellious Brides/The Wedding Agency?

Lea: UBER AMAZING! It was nice to work with people who were GAME! I feel so blessed when I found 2 lovely ladies who speak the same language as mine. When I say “makulit lang”-- gets na nila!

RB: What advice can you give to other debutantes/brides who may be thinking of hiring The Wedding Agency but are thinking that they probably don't need it?

If you have a theme in mind already, well , before calling them, I did too. At first I thought they would help me improve it. My problem was that there were a lot of things that I liked to incorporate. I just couldn’t think of a way that would put all of it there! My ideas were scattered I needed someone to organize and plot them. I was surprised na they actually know me more than myself! They were able to put EVERYTHING I loved in one concept.

The wedding agency will give you a gameplan/blueprint of the whole thing--a walkthrough. It will be such a huge help, I promise! Since the wedding agency will give you a theme/concept that is uniquely YOU! This will become not only your bestfriend but your suppliers’ as well! It will be so much easier to put the message across.

RB: What makes you a "Rebellious Debutante"

I did hear people question me about why I don’t have an escort, cotillion or why I still have loot bags and balloons if it’s suppose to be a debut/coming of age party. I just shoved it all off and told them, “Parang children’s party ba?, Basta! Iba to, Promise! Mageenjoy kayo!”

I trusted my instincts. I just did whatever I felt was right. A rebellious debutante isn’t like a zombie, hungry to break all the rules (although I actually did bended some, LOL). May pattern kasi and mga debuts, kelangan ganito kelangan ganyan, I didn’t want to conform. I just got what was there and made it tailored fit for me.

I wanted guests to enter my world for a night--I wanted them to get to know me. Yet I didn’t want the spotlight to be on me all the time, like it was screaming ME ME ME all night. I wanted my guests to know more about me through my friends too. Pero most of all I wanted everyone to enjoy! Party talaga!

It was actually tough to explain what my theme is. I would end up showing them a picture or a video that was used as an inspiration just so I could get the message across but hey! It was EXACTLY what I wanted, a concept that is uniquely mine!

P.S I think I was attached to the idea of weddings that my main gown was “nude/blush” (a diff gown was handed to me during my first fitting all because they thought the nude gown hanged was for a bride, LOL!) and I definitely pushed for a white birthday cake!!

Lea said it all, and we love how well she's written about our service! Lea's friends loved her debut so much that they were teasing her to have a debut every year! If you want someone who can help you streamline your wedding/debut for you, you know who to call. More on The Wedding Agency HERE :)

Congratulations to Lea and we absolutely enjoyed working with you! 

PS. I personally didn't have a debut but if I DID have one--it would probably be like this! =P


Here's a complete list of Lea's awesome debut team:

Stylist: Lifestyle by Feliz (Pre debut)

MUA: Jackie Majica
Icel Galvez (predebut)

Mark Daniel Familiara(Pre debut)
JR medrano(Pre debut)
Paula King

12 Masters Photography
Elmer Castor

Reels and stills videography(teaser)
Ian Cruz Films (SDE)

Miel Cabanes (she also made the logo/invitation and loot bags)

Kenstar graphics

Euphoria Bar & Resto
Sweets: Sophie’s Mom
Cake: Fadge Cakes
Pontefino Batangas (debut preps)

Perfume bar(my splendid specialties)
Photobooth(clip photobooth)

Main: Veejay Floresca
Cocktail dresses: Marc Rancy

Customized shoes
Vi shoe line

Overall debut concept development by The Rebellious Brides' The Wedding Agency ;)

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  1. I was really amazed with the over all concept, the wedding agency is the best! Thank you rebellious brides for the feature as well.

  2. -via gmail-

    awwwww!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I LOVE THE feature!!! :-)

    she's really beautiful and I was very happy to work with her ;-)

    Thank you for sharing this!!! mwah!!

  3. I dont know how to thank you guys!!! From the bottom of my heart-->> Thank youuuuu!!!

    It was supperrr amazing to work with all of you! dream come true talga!

    hahaha some suppliers would kid me--"Wedding Naman!"--LOL!
    hahah pero I do hope to see and work with you guys again!

    Ms. Kai and Mica--wedding ko ha? hahaha I'll be calling you guys again! hihi! <3<3<3 God bless you more!!