For You Are Mine: It's just like Jason Magbanua--only Pinker & more Feminine

THAT'S just exactly how Jason Magbanua describes his second team. And well, pinker & more feminine will always be quite debatable hehe.

Understandably, the videographer god is just...well...human actually. He can't split himself half or even to several parts even if he wanted to (during cazy peak seasons he's got not two but several weddings!). So what to do right?

Some couples hesitate at the thought of opting for the second team. But why? In truth, the second team is essentially the same. They've mentored under the same person, and technically still works for and is headed by the person you wanted to hire in the first place. In Jason Magbanua's second team's case, we can personally vouch for them because we've worked with them for a WHOLE SLEW of other projects besides my own wedding. In fact, Jason's team has already bagged awards abroad as individual talents working under the umbrella, Team Jason Magbanua. If I were to describe his second team though --it would be like how huge designer brands have expanded to a whole new market. Kinda like how Marc Jacobs has Marc by Marc Jacobs, Monique Lhuillier has ML, or Armani has AX.

Need further convincing? I'm done trying to write through my case.

Watch the videos below. Need I say more?


Sophia and Ross SDE from For You Are Mine on Vimeo.

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