Rebellious Bride Ronna Creates Her Own Rules

Photography by Pat Dy
"My wedding may not be as rebellious as some, but I challenged Filipino traditions because I didn't see the point :) I also did what worked for us, rather than fitting ourselves into customary practices.... A Rebellious Bride knows who she is and is unafraid of being herself. She is ready to break or bend rules and challenge norms, not just for the sake of it, but because she is secure in and asserts her own identity. Her style follows from her personality, and she is comfortable to have only 50% of the decision-making weight. :)"

Rebellious Bride Ronna Capili-Bonifacio on what makes her a Rebellious Bride

As Ronna put it, her wedding may not be defined or considered by others to be of the rebel kind. But in our books, it's got our own rebellious seal of approval. We've said this before and we'll say it again--having a rebellious wedding doesn't mean taking it literally with all the Chuch Taylors in this world and downright crazy prenups. Sometimes, rebellious weddings are of the sophisticated, elegant kind and what makes it rebellious is in the subtle style or in the couple's thinking.

What makes Ronna rebellious is that she knew how to create her own wedding rules--she had an inquisitive mind. For instance, she refused to label her wedding into any kind of wedding concept, theme or motif. Instead, she wanted to go for THE WEDDING FEELING.

She also updated wedding traditions based on what she thought and felt are logical, and what made sense to her and her groom. In a country riddled with so many traditions, this was a bride who was graceful under pressure, and "took the bullet" for silly predictions of her imminent doom (just because she wanted to wear teardrop earrings which apparently meant she'd be crying all her married life and because she wanted black as her color motif which was apparently the color of death).

Ronna further shares:

"We had a little girl as a coin bearer because we didn't have a lot of little boy friends/friends with little boys. We sort of used them up for the rings and the Bible already. We also didn't do secondary sponsors because I realized it was more efficient to let our bridesmaids/groomsmen do the work during the ceremony since all they'd be doing is sitting down anyway. Hehe. Plus I didn't want to think of another color for the secondary sponsor's clothes. I wanted black table cloths because I felt it was more elegant, and I didn't see why everything had to be white just because it was a wedding. Plus, it makes the bride stand out more! Hehe.

For my earrings, I've always liked the teardrop shape so my mom had earrings made for me to wear. A lot of people told me not to wear that shape because it was bad luck but I really didn't feel that was true.

 RB's sidenote: We also thought that the bride's "White w/ a Twist" gown had the right hint of rebellion with its lace cutouts cinching the waist :)

We also went for a feel over a concept, which was out of town to set the anticipation for guests; a Friday for a more intimate guest list;  which we felt was really the point of a wedding celebration. :)"

 Rebellious Brides: What were the challenges/comments that you had to face for having non-traditional ideas for your wedding and how did you overcome this?

Ronna: I got a few comments about my unpopular choice of black ("black is a color of the dead") for a number of my wedding details and the "impending doom" ("you'll be crying all throughout your marriage") of using teardrop shapes on my ensemble. But none of the comments swayed nor affected me. I'm not superstitious and I believed that our marriage will ultimately be defined by God and how we work on our relationship. I would just laugh it off or sometimes ask, "Do you really think a particular shape can determine my life?" I also wanted those who asked to rethink their own set of mindsets and beliefs. :) 

Congratulations to Ronna and Bojo! Let Ronna's modern wedding rules & fabulous style serve as an inspiration to everyone out there to be inquisitive. There's nothing wrong with following traditions if YOU personally believe in them--but if it's just being dictated to you and deep down inside you actually think otherwise, then learn to be a rebel with a cause.

CREDITS w/ notes from the Bride:

Venue: Ville Sommet, Tagaytay

Photographer: Pat Dy (You are not the gold standard for nothing. It's not just with your photos, it's because of how you treat a bride and groom.)

Videographer: Bob Nicolas (I'm so glad you were Bojo's only choice. Thank you for your art that captures emotion tastefully.)

Catering: K by Cunanan (Our friends still remember the sumptuous meal. Thank you for exceeding expectation.)

Gown and Suit: Pablo Cabahug (You created my personal favorite fashion moment. And how you helped me that day is invaluable. I love how tempered your style is.)

Makeup: RB Chanco (I always, always still get compliments!)

Hairstyle: John Valle (I wouldn't have set my wedding date without you!)

Bridesmaids dresses: Nina Peña (Can't wait to see you succeed further!)

Coordinators: Weddings are Blessings (You are a blessing as well!)

Flowers: Flowers by Cheryl Ching

Chairs: Likha Events

Tent: Tentworld

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